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The Simpsons: Road Rage


Cheat Codes

Go into Options menu and hold L1 + R1 and press:

circle four times.2D Characters
Triangle, Triangle, Square, XBurn's transit bus
triangle, triangle, circle, triangle.Christmas Apu
Triangle twice, and X twiceCollision lines
Start four times.Disable All Cheats
triangle, triangle, square, X.Drive as nuclear bus.
triangle, triangle, square, circle.Drive as red box
O, O, O, OFlat people
Triangle, Triangle, Circle, XHalloween Bart
Square, square, square, squarehorizontal split screen in two-player mode instead of the standard vertical split screen.
Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, TriangleMore camera angles
Square, Square, Square, SquareMore money
Triangle, Triangle, Circle, SquareNew Year's Krusty
X, X, X, XNight Time
X four times.Night Time on next level
square, triangle, triangle, circle to get rid of the map.No Map
circle, circle. circle, square.Overhead View
Triangle twice and Square twice.Play as Smithers
X, circle, triangle, square.Slow Motion
Circle, Triangle, Square, X. Press Triangle to start the timer, 2nd time to stop, 3rd time to resetStop The Time
triangle, triangle, circle, circleThanksgiving Marge
X, triangle, triangle, XTurbo Mode
triangle, triangle, X, XWire-frame pictures

Contributed By: DrPoo, ctrdragon, Bob Sasquash, Dark Shadow X, Distal_Pistol, Sambo, Robshi, DivineKnight, diablo2468, Simpsonman, jld722, Darth Pinky, and Tails..


Hidden Car

Complete all 10 missions in mission mode to unlock ''Homer: The Car built for the Average Man.'' This car is selectable in any mode by clicking on Homer's picture in the car select screen.

Contributed By: mflorian.

Easter Eggs

Hidden Message.

Select the Evergreen Terrace Level.

Drive to Springfield Elementary.

Now..carefully drive to the window where Bart usually writes on the chalkboard in the opening theme to The

It may take a moment, but position yourself just right,(Usually at an angle is best for me) and it will read, ''This in not a clue, or is it?''

Contributed By: TimtheEnchanter.


Secret Holiday Characters

If you set the PS2's internal clock(from the main menu) to the following dates, you can get secret characters-
10/31/01-Halloween Bart
11/22/01-Thanksgivng Marge
12/25/01-Christmas Apu
1/1/02-New Year's Barney

Contributed By: acr.

Skip Mission Levels and still get the Homer

After you fail a mission mulitple times, you will be given a skip option at the restart menu. Skipping will not prevent you from getting the Homer, as long as you beat Mr. Burns in Mission 10.

Contributed By: MultiBlend.