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allfreekAlways "Freekout" Time
FIRESALEContinuous fire stream comes out of your motorcycle.
MO BOOSTFills boost meter quickly
FIRESALEFills trick meter quickly
flysoloNo Bike Mode
wtchkprsSlow Motion/Blur Mode
FreebieUnlimited boost
wheelsUnlock all bikes
populateUnlock all characters
yardsaleUnlock all outfits
TRAKMEETUnlock all tracks
soldierUnlock Brian Deegan's Commander outfit
whozasknUnlock Brian Deegan's Dominator bike
hedbangrUnlock Brian Deegan's Heavy Metal bike
whateverUnlock Brian Deegan's Mulisha Man bike
rippedUnlock Brian Deegan's Muscle Bound outfit
carverokUnlock Burn It Up track
cooldudeUnlock Clifford Adoptante
supdudeUnlock Clifford Adoptante's Gone Tiki bike
stokedUnlock Clifford Adoptante's Hang Loose bike
goflobroUnlock Clifford Adoptante's Island Spirit bike
nosleeveUnlock Clifford Adoptante's Tankin' It outfit
wingsUnlock Clifford Adoptante's Tiki outfit
wideopenUnlock Crash Pad Freestyle track
loksmithUnlock everything in the game
clippersUnlock Gnome Sweet Gnome track
gimegregUnlock Greg Albertyn
number1Unlock Greg Albertyn's Champion bike
patriotUnlock Greg Albertyn's National Pride bike
ilookgudUnlock Greg Albertyn's Sharp Dresser outfit
cometUnlock Greg Albertyn's Star Rider outfit
allshookUnlock Greg Albertyn's The King bike
HELMETUnlock helmet camera
blondieUnlock Jessica Patterson
lightninUnlock Jessica Patterson's Charged Up bike
not2grlyUnlock Jessica Patterson's Hoodie Style outfit
tonboyUnlock Jessica Patterson's Racer Girl bike
hekacoolUnlock Jessica Patterson's Speedy bike
layersUnlock Jessica Patterson's Warming Up outfit
thnkpinkUnlock Leeann Tweeden's Fun Lovin' outfit
ovenmittUnlock Leeann Tweeden's Hot Stuff bike
spicyUnlock Leeann Tweeden's Red Hot outfit
goodlookUnlock Leeann Tweeden's Seducer bike
stylinUnlock Leeann Tweeden's Trendsetter bike
blackjakUnlock Let It Ride track
KINGSLEYUnlock level select
toughguyUnlock Mike Jones
kickbuttUnlock Mike Jones' Beater bike
babyblueUnlock Mike Jones' Blue Collar outfit
boxcarsUnlock Mike Jones' High Roller outfit
hornsUnlock Mike Jones' Lil' Demon bike
plungerUnlock Mike Jones' Plunger bike
bodyartUnlock Mike Metzger's All Tatted Up outfit
eyedropsUnlock Mike Metzger's Bloodshot bike
hellooooUnlock Mike Metzger's Ecko MX outfit
seventwoUnlock Mike Metzger's Rhino Rage bike
brrrrrapUnlock Mike Metzger's Rock of Ages bike
todamoonUnlock Rocket Garden track
hereiamUnlock Stefe Bau's Amore bike
twoneoneUnlock Stefy Bau's 211 bike
sparklesUnlock Stefy Bau's Disco Tech bike
kidsgameUnlock Stefy Bau's Playing Jax outfit
invasionUnlock Stefy Bau's UFO Racer outfit
tuckelleUnlock the Burbs Freestyle track
LOKSMITHyou wll have all players,bikes,gear,and leavels

Contributed By: thotd, GameSharkFNG, Weird Al Fan, ReturnOfPK2, xTurksx, HyperSilence, and MacMittens.


Full Stats

Complete all combos for a character, and he or she will have full stats.

Contributed By: maxerAA.