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Taz Wanted


Art Galleries

To unlock the art gallaries you have to obtain a certain amount of bounty. Collect the amount of bounty to unlock the art gallery.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
$10,000Art Gallery 1
$2,785,000Art Gallery 10
$30,000Art Gallery 2
$60,000Art Gallery 3
$110,000Art Gallery 4
$185,000Art Gallery 5
$285,000Art Gallery 6
$535,000Art Gallery 7
$1,035,000Art Gallery 8
$1,785,000Art Gallery 9

Contributed By: Llamaman2.

Mini Games

Collect all 100 sandwiches in a level to unlock the corresponding mini games. Access them by using the blue phone booths.

Contributed By: Lagoona.


Gallery images

To get gallery images, select the tweety icon and enter the word: RT .

Contributed By: Bodobodot.