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V-Rally 3


Special car cheats

Enter as a name:

21071974 MARTYHovercraft cars
01041977 BIGJIMMini cars
07121974 FERGUSNon-Vibrating Jelly Cars
21051975 PTITDAVPancake Cars
REAL WHEELReal Physics
25121975 PILOUSquishy cars
Gonzales SPEEDYStretched And Skewed Cars
Leave a blank space for the first name and use PALACH as the last name.Wiener Sized Commentary

Contributed By: Packing Heat, mypantsaresobaggy, and rafdox.


4 Bonus Cars

To unlock the four bonus cars you must:-

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Win the 1.6L Championship in V-Rally ModeMitsubishi Lancer Evo VI
Successfully complete Challenge ModeSEAT Cordoba Repsol
Win the 2.0L Championship in V-Rally ModeSubaru Imprezza 2000
Set a Record time for every track in Time AttackToyota Corolla V-Rally

Contributed By: supertone.

Extra Challenges

The far-right side of the main menu screen for Challenge Mode includes Extra Challenges, an area where the player can create unique challenges using any stage and any (unlocked) vehicle or category of vehicles in the game. Extra Challenges is unlocked by successfully passing all the default challenges in Challenge Mode. Once the player has unlocked Extra Challenges and created at least one unique challenge, it can always be selected from the Select submenu, but all created challenges will appear after all the default challenges.

Contributed By: Wolf Feather.

Unlock cars

Just win the following races to unlock the following cars.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Win the 1.6L championship in career mode.Mitsubishi Lancer evolution VI
Beat challenge mode.Seat Cordoba Repsol

Contributed By: mario1993.

Unlock Reversed Tracks

In each country beat the record on a track to unlock the next one. Unlock all 4 of them to unlock the 4 reverse tracks.

Contributed By: AgRaMaToS.


Increase License Level

To increase the level on your license, you have to win championship titles in Career Mode.

Win the 2.0L championship twice and you'll get a 'Level2' license which allows you to drive higher performance cars in the Single Race mode.

Win the 2.0L championship four times in total and you'll get a 'Level3' license allowing you to drive at Performance Level 3 in Single Race mode.

Contributed By: Chicken McNuggets.

Showroom Follies

At car select screen, Highlight any car and use the right joystick and hold left or right to open the corresponding door on the car, hold up on the joystick to pop the hood, and down to pop the trunk.

Contributed By: mypantsaresobaggy.