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Midnight Club II


Cheat Codes

1. Highlight ''Options Mode''
2. Press down on the D-Pad.
3. Highlight ''Option: Cheat Codes'' is highlighted.
4. Press the X button

Enter one the following case-sensitive passwords:

howhardcanitbe(x)Adjust difficulty, (x) = 0 (easiest) through 9 (hardest)
redkeymongives you a list of all cheat codes
immortalGuns, rockets, unlimited nitro, and invincibility
carcrobaticsIn Air Controls (Does NOT work with bikes)
greenLanternInfinite Nitrous
savethekidsMachine Gun and Rocket
howfastcanitbe<0-9>Makes the game go faster or slower. 0 is the slowest ,9 is the fastest.
gladiatorNever take damage
voomPedsThe pedestrians now move faster than before.
theCollectorUnlock all cars
GlobetrotterUnlock All Locations
pennyThugUnlock All Locations And Cars in Arcade
rimbukUnlock everything in Arcade Mode

Contributed By: Jay FNG Philbrook, cheatswp, Chev427BB, yumyumboy, MidnightHonda, friction150, MasterChiefMjlonir, kenman, BolerosCloud, sonic9, moombamage03, Ninja Guy, and Blaze87.


Runaway motorbike

Put on the 'savethekids' cheat. You should now have the machine gun and rocket launcher. Now, go to any race or event and make sure you choose a motorbike. Before it says Go, shoot the rocket launcher at a wall. You should go flying and explode. When you get back the bike, the bike won't have you on it. It'll be driving by itself. NOTE: It's a good idea to put on the invincibility code because the explosion will hurt you.

Contributed By: ureworstnitemare.


Game Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat all five circuit races for LA in Arcade modeLAPD car in Arcade Mode
Complete all of Dice's racesParis
Beat all 6 of the Paris arcade circuit tracksParis Cop Car
Complete 100% of the game (complete career mode and beat all circuit tracks in arcade mode)SLF450X
Complete all of Parfait's racesTokyo
Beat all 7 Tokyo arcade circuit tracksUnlock Tokyo Cop Car
Beat all of the World Champion's races (Savo).Veloci

Contributed By: House Stark, mypantsaresobaggy, OrionPax, and DxRpKY.

Unlockable Driving Features

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Dice in LA2-Wheel Driving
Beat Angel's first raceBurnout
Catch Maria (pre-race) in LAIn-Air Controls
Beat Moses in LANitrous Oxide Boost System
Beat Hector in LASlipstream Turbo

Contributed By: hondata.

Unlocking Vehicles

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Diego in Angel's Side Race "Drag" in LA1971 Bestia
Beat Stephane in ParisAlarde
Beat Blog in ParisBoost
Beat Jewel and Julie in ParisBryanston V
Beat Moses in LACiti
Beat Gina in LACiti Turbo
Beat Bikers in LACohete
Beat Steven in LAEmu
Beat Ian in ParisFripon X
Beat Angel in LAInterna
Beat Dice in LAJersey XS
Beat Nikko in TokyoKnight
Beat Ichiro in TokyoLusso XT
Beat Parfait in ParisModo Prego
Beat Ian in ParisMonsoni
Beat Hector in LAMonstruo
Beat Zen in TokyoNousagi
Beat Shing in TokyoRSMC 15
Beat Haley in TokyoSaikou
Beat Kenichi in TokyoSaikou XS
Beat Primo in ParisSchneller V8
Beat Farid in ParisStadt
Beat Makoto in TokyoTorque JX
Beat Maria in LATorrida
Beat Inspector Owen in ParisVictory
Beat Ricky in TokyoVortex 5

Contributed By: hondata.