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Starsky & Hutch


Unlock Everything/Misc. Codes.

To unlock everything with a Gold badge type in VADKRAM as your lic. plate number. When you reload this profile everything will be unlocked and the plate name will be changed to Starsky.

Enter following codes during gameplay. Keep in mind that the below listed codes last for 30 seconds only.

Triangle, Square, X, O (2), X, Square, Triangle.Big Heads
Up, X, Down, Triangle, Left, O, Right, Square.Funny Cars
Up, Right, Down, Left, L3, Left, Right, Left.Invisible Car
Up (2), Down (2), X, O, Triangle, Square.Low Rider
L1 (2), Left, Right, L3 (4).Monster Truck
Triangle, Square, X, Circle (2), Square, TriangleReturn car view to normal
Up (2), Left (2), R1, R2, L1, L2.Trike Cam
L1, L2, R1, R2, Left (2), Up (2).Trippy Camera

Contributed By: mgs master and RockWarrior.