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Star Wars: The Clone Wars


Cheat Codes

GIMMEAll Bonus Objectives Completed in Mission
DOORDONOTCampaign (Single Player) Level Select
JEDICOUNCILDeveloper Team Photos
NATALIEPlay as Padme Amidala in the Multiplayer 'Geonosis - Academy' level
SUPERLASERUnlimited Ammunition
12 PARSECSUnlock all FMV's
JORG SACULUnlock All Multiplayer Missions
SONOFFETTUnlock Clone Trooper in Academy
TRADEFEDUnlock the Battle Droid in the Geonosis Academy
NERFHERDERUnlock the wookie in Academy

Contributed By: War Pig, angryjackalx, cess419, FollowHisCreed, Revolver36, and Estoy Loco.



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Earn 30 bonus points"Making Of" Video
Earn 35 bonus pointsCD Player
Earn 20 bonus pointsJedi Academy multi-player map
Earn 45 bonus pointsPlay as Yoda in multi-player
Earn 5 bonus pointsRaxus Duel multi-player map
Earn 15 bonus pointsRhen Var Conquest multi-player map
Earn 40 bonus pointsSketchbook
Earn 10 bonus pointsThule Moon Control Zone multi-player map
Earn 25 bonus pointsUnit Viewer

Contributed By: Starky27.