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The Simpsons Skateboarding


Cheat Codes

Hold L1, L2, R1, and R2 at the character select screen and press the following codes:

Triangle, X, Circle, SquareAdd money
Triangle, Square, X, OBallerina Nelson
X, Square, O, TriangleBig-Head Bart
Square, X, Triangle, OBig-Head Frink
O, X, Triangle, SquareBig-Head Homer
Square, Triangle, X, OBig-Head Lisa
Triangle, Square, O, XBig-Head Nelson
X, O, Square, TriangleBig-Head Wiggum
O, Triangle, Square, XBusiness Suit Krusty
X, Square, Triangle, ODemon Marge
X, Triangle, Square, OFuzzy Skaters
O, X, Square, TriangleGangsta' Bart
Square, Triangle, O, XGangsta' Lisa
Triangle, X, O, SquareGet $99.00
X, O, Triangle, SquareGroovy Frink
Triangle, O, Square, XMan-Eater Wiggum
Square, X, O, TriangleMen In Black Otto
Triangle, O, X, SquareTightie Whitie Homer
Triangle, Square, X, CircleTranvestite Nelson
Circle, Triangle, Square, XTuxedo Krusty
X, Triangle, O, SquareUnlock All Boards
Triangle, X, Square, OUnlock All Levels
O, Triangle, X, SquareUnlock All Skaters

Contributed By: SubSane and hibs11.