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DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution


Song Unlocks ''AA'' (HEAVY)

UnlockableHow to Unlock
"AA" RUGGED ASHGet me in your sight (AMD CANCUN MIX)
"AA" Healing Vision (Angelic Mix)Healing Vision
"AA" never let you downI Was The One
"AA" SO IN LOVEKind Lady
"AA" Look To The SkyLook To The Sky (True Color Mix)

Contributed By: Cyantre.

Unlock Drop the Bomb (System S.F. Mix)

Play exactly 500 songs to unlock the DDRMAX USA exclusive song, Drop the Bomb (System S.F. Mix), without having to clear the difficult, ''Hardcore'' Oni course.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Play exactly 500 songs to unlock the DDRMAX USA exclusive song, Drop the Bomb (System S.F. Mix), without having to clear the difficult, ''Hardcore'' Oni course.Unlock Drop the Bomb (System S.F. Mix)

Contributed By: xr2unitx.

Unlockable songs

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Play 120 Songs5.1.1
Pass 70 songsAbyss
To unlock this course, you must have unlocked the following songs: I Was The One, Logical Dash, Jam & Marmalade, The Shining Polaris, Holic, Rhythm and Police, Trip Machine Climax, Max 300Adrenaline Oni
Pass 200 songsCandy
Fail a song on game mode.Celebrate
Play 165 SongsDo It Right (Harmonized 2Step Mix)
Beat the Adrenaline Oni course.Do it Right Remix
Play 500 SongsDROP THE BOMB -System S.F. Mix-
Pass 65 songsDynamite Rave
Beat the Lesson Oni course.Dynamite Rave Remix
Pass 95 songsElectro Tuned
Pass 80 songsGambol
Fail an Oni course and Gentle Stress will be unlocked.Gentle Stress
Pass 15 songsGet Me In Your Sight
Pass 30 songsHealing Vision
Pass 75 songsHolic
Play 150 SongsI Was The One
Pass 45 songsI'm For Real
Pass 85 songsJam & Marmalade
Beat the Variaty Oni course.Jam & Marmalade
Pass 40 songsKind Lady
Pass 35 songsLet the Beat Hit Em
Play 110 SongsLOGICAL DASH
Pass 25 songsLook To The Sky
Pass 5 songsLove This Feelin'
Pass 100 songsMAX 300
Pass 90 songsMy Summer Love
Pass 10 songsRhythm and Police K.O.G G3 Mix
Pass 55 songsSana Morette Ne Ente
Pass 50 songsSecret Rendezvous
To unlock this song, you must manage to make it to the Extra Stage. AA your last song on Heavy to unlock it. You do not have to pass it.Silent Hill
Pass 20 songsSo In Love
Play 250 SongsSpin the disc
Beat the Club Trax Oni course.The Shining Polaris
Pass 60 songstrue... (Trance Sunrise Mix)
These song must be unlocked: Jam & Marmalade, Love This Feelin', true..., I'm For Real, Secret Rendezvous, Rhythm and Police, Electro Tuned, My Summer Love, Paranoia Max -Club Another Ver., Healing Vision, Spin the Disc, Abyss, CandyUnlock
To Unlock the DDRMAX2 Song, Spin the Disk, Complete 250 songsUnlock 'Spin The Disk'

Contributed By: gob126, Cyantre, TuxedoAlex, l3emani Dragon, LordAtomic, and artimis0600.

Easter Eggs

Unlock Logical Dash and 5.1.1.

To unlock Logical Dash, complete 105 songs.
To unlock 5.1.1., complete 110 songs.

Contributed By: birderic.


Access the Song Options Menu

To access the song options menu, hold O or X when choosing a song until the menu shows up. On this menu, you can change the speed the arrows scroll in, turn the arrows, add boost, turn on little, solo, and flat modes, and turn off freeze arrows. You can also choose the song difficulty in case you made a mistake.

Contributed By: Sir Metaknight.

ENCORE Extra Stage

To get this, you must beat the Extra Stage version of MAX 300 with a AA ranking. You will then get a prompt saying ENCORE EXTRA STAGE UNLOCKED, or something like that, in white. When you return to the select stage screen, it will show the hidden song, CANDY, on heavy, 1.5X arrow speed, and reverse.
NOTE: If you want to beat this song on ENCORE, you can't get anything less than PERFECT or GREAT when hitting an arrow. Miss one, and you lose!

Contributed By: OmniSniper.

Grove meter

While at the select difficulty screen, after you select your difficulty, hold down the start button, and keeping holding it pass the long arrow instruction, when the song screen selection screen comes up, look down at the difficulty chart, you sould notice there are little numbers there. This indicate's the amount of groove in the song.

Contributed By: huskobon.

Listen to Look To The Sky (True Color EXTENDED Mix)

Go into ''Information'' from the main menu screen, and the background music you'll hear in the information section is an extended version of Look To The Sky (True Color Mix) that's almost 6 and a half minutes long (without repeating)! Enjoy!

Contributed By: Artie.

Play DDR with the credits

After you complete your final stage and the credits are rolling, you can play DDR with the names in the credits by hitting a button as the names pass in front of the guide arrows at the top of the screen. They pass in front at the speed of the song playing in the background (Candy*)

Contributed By: POLeary.

Play Extra Stage

When you are on your final stage in Game Mode, AA your last song on Heavy difficulty to play Extra Stage. In this stage, you will play MAX 300 on Heavy difficulty with 1.5x, Reverse, and Pressure Mode on.

Contributed By: LordAtomic.

Play MAX 300 without unlocking

To play the really hard song MAX 300, and without having to play 100 songs to unlock it. Choose roulette for the song and the songs will start to spin. MAX 300 will be in red writing, and it will be the only song in red. Time the roulette just right to play MAX 300!!

Contributed By: the ultimate68.

Play Oni mode

On the difficulty selection screen, keep pressing right until you scroll past ''Heavy'' difficulty. The announcer will give the ominous warning of ''This mode is difficult!'', and you'll be able to select Oni mode. In this mode, you will select a predetermined set of songs, and missing four steps yields a Game Over.

Contributed By: LordAtomic.