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The Sims


Cheat Menu and Cheats

To get to the cheat menu, at the main menu screen Simultaneously press all four of the shoulder buttons. From the cheat menu, you can enter the following cheats:

FISH EYE; In game, press O to change walls. When the walls are gone, press O again to change to a 1st person view.First Person View
FREEALLMakes all objects cost 0 simoleans
MIDASUnlocks all two-player games, all locked objects, and all locked skins
PARTY MUnlocks the Party Motel two-player game
SIMSUnlocks the Play The Sims Mode without going through the Get a Life Dream House.

Contributed By: IanRocco and LukeOmac.


Easy Money

Build a wall and put wallpaper on one side and leave the other side blank. Then select the wallpaper as if you were going to sell it. Switch over to the other side of the wall and sell that. You'll get the money for the wallpaper selected and it will still be there so you can keep selling the wallpaper.

Contributed By: Pyrithe.


Chapter 1 Unlocks

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Cook dinnerAromaster Whifferpuffer Gold (Buy Mode)
Get through the house in 24 hours or lessBeejaphone Electric Guitar
Fix the TVChairmaster Vanity Table (Buy Mode)
Borrow $800 from MomMuseum (2 Player Mode)
Find a jobPerspiraction Executive Treadmill (Buy Mode)

Contributed By: Enygmatic and boxcar182.

Chapter 2 Unlocks

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Upgrade houseElectronic Insect Control System (Buy Mode)
Complete all goals and move outFrat House (2 Player Mode)
Fix everything in the houseHandyman unlocked
Clean up the houseMaid unlocked
Get promoted to job level 2Slurp 'n' Burp Beverage Cooler (Buy Mode)
Get promoted to job level 3Teppan'Yaki Table (Buy Mode)

Contributed By: Enygmatic.

Chapter 3 Unlocks

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get through this level in eight days or lessHead in Curio Jar
Get promoted to career level 5Master Suite Tub (Buy Mode)
Get promoted to career Level 4Strip Poker Table (Buy Mode)
Throw a raging partyThe Motel (2 player mode)
Greet and give Bobo the bum foodThe Park (2 player mode)
Upgrade your homeTree Swing (Buy Mode)

Contributed By: Dauragon.

Chapter 4 Unlocks

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get promoted to career level 7Artists Block (Buy Mode)
Throw raging partyClub Abhi and Taylor’s Place (2 Player Mode)
Upgrade your homeHeart Vibrating Bed (Buy Mode)
Get promoted to career level 6Sonic Shower (Buy Mode)
Bobo may appear if so greet and feed himThe Park (2 Player Mode)
Get through the house in eight days or lessWurl ‘N Hurl Jukebox (Buy Mode)

Contributed By: Dauragon.

Chapter 5 Unlocks

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get promoted to career level 92 swimming Pools (Buy Mode)
Raise 1st baby to kidBeach Simulater (Buy Mode)
Get through this house in eight days or lessBearskin Rug (Buy Mode)
Get promoted to career level 8Maid’s House (2 Player Mode)
Raise your 2nd baby to kidSprinkler (Buy Mode)
If you haven’t already, greeted and fed Bobo the BumThe Park (2 Player Mode)

Contributed By: Dauragon.

Chapter 6 Unlocks

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Send both kids to Prep schoolMeet Major Dormo (Monkey Butler)
Get through the house in eight days or lessRhino head (Buy Mode)
Greet & feed Bobo if you didnt yetThe Park (2 Player Mode)

Contributed By: Dauragon.

The Park 2-Player Game

In order to get this unlockable, you must greet and feed Bobo the Bum. He doesn't come up to your door by himself, but on stages 3-5, he will walk down your neighborhood a few times a day. With your main Sim, greet Bobo. then, use Feed. Then, you'll pay 20 simoleons to give Bobo a meal and unlock The Park.

Contributed By: ManiacOVG.

Timed Unlockables.

In order to unlock these items, get through the stage in a certain amount of days:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get through Stage Five:"Who Loves Ya, Baby?" in 8 days or lessBearskin Rug
Get through Stage One:"Money From Mom" in 24 hours or lessBeejaphone Electric Guitar
Get through Stage Three:"Party Animals" in 8 days or lessHead in Curio Jar
Get through Stage Two:"Reality Bites" in 4 days or lessHighbrau Coat of Arms
Get through Stage Six:"The Last Simoleon" in 8 days or lessRhino Trophy
Get through Stage Four:"Hot to Trot" in 8 days or lessWurl 'N' Hurl Retro Jukebox

Contributed By: ManiacOVG.

Two-Player Mode Unlock

Two Player Unlock

- At the start up screen press on R1, R2, L1, L2 at the same time to bring up the cheat menu.
- Type in MIDAS and press done.
- Start up ''Get A Life'' mode
- Get into the Hot Tub with the girl
- Press Start
- Choose Quit
- Choose Just Quit
- You have unlocked Two-Player

Contributed By: Minion3.

Unlock the criminal career path

In order to unlock the criminal career path in all modes, successfully prevent a thief from getting away in Get a Life mode. It helps to have a burglar alarm system installed.

Contributed By: Enygmatic.

Easter Eggs

Always-On-Duty Monkey Butler

This glitch, or cheat, or whatever you would like to refer to it as, I found very useful. This glitch will involve, 'Meet Major Domo!{$15,000} ', a light (one that hangs from the wall, not on the floor){$85, $110, $135} , and anything that will fit under the light{?} . Now, I did this in the bathroom with a sink and a 'Blue Plate Special Sconce' light {$135}. Buy 'Meet Major Domo!' but don't release him yet. Place the wall light fixture over the other item, and wait for the light to burn out, (or you can put lot of lights over a lot of other items and wait for one of them to burn out). Then, release the monkey butler, he will clean up everything, fix everything, then he will go to the light hanging on the wall, but he won't be able to reach it because of the item on the floor, which blocks his way. So he will stay there trying to figure out how to get to the light, but, as long as you don't move the item under the light, or the light itself, he will stay there. And as soon as something else needs to be fixed or cleaned up, he'll do it. Although this may cause traffic jams when you try and get into the room, I found this glitch very rewarding.

Contributed By: The_Ripple.

Make Aromaster Whifferpuff ''Gold'' last longer.

When in neiborhood mode, if you turn on a Whifferpuff, and evict the person and then join again. The Whifferpuff will still be on and it will last longer.

Contributed By: BigBoss2.

The Sims CAMEO

Buy any computer and choose"play". Zoom in close to the computer or better yet put in the first person code and look at the monitor. You will see that your sim is actually playing the original Sims for the computer!

Contributed By: Ivan The Gamer.


Get abducted to increase stats!

Just purchase the telescope and after looking through it for a long time you will be abducted by aliens. If your children get abducted their grades will go up!! When you are returned to earth you your stats will have been rearranged and have been incresed!!

Contributed By: Jeh64.

Secret sand sculptures

In order to do this trick, please do the following:
1. Go to buy mode and buy the beach simulator under the misc. menu.
2. Place anywhere and let a child make a pile.
3. After making a big pile, choose 'kick'
4. This will unlock a new sand sculpture.

If you want more unique sculptures, such as castles and turtles, make a big pile again and choose 'kick'

Contributed By: Ivan The Gamer.