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The Sims

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The History Of The Sims 11/16/17
These Six Games Just Got Into Gaming Hall of Fame 05/05/16
Sims Creator's Next Project Is Not a Game 05/08/15
How same-sex relationships came to The Sims 08/06/13
ACMI Game Masters - A Quick Tour 07/05/12
Will Wright's first TV project unveiled 10/07/10
Will Wright collection donated to game institute 09/29/10
Maxis hiring for PC online simulation game 07/15/10
Video Game History Month: Will Wright 05/20/10
The Sims 10th Anniversary Feature 02/04/10
The Sims turns 10, tops 125 million units 02/04/10
Will Wright leaves EA, founds Stupid Fun Club 04/08/09
Study: Video games may improve vision 03/30/09
Sims get new head of household 10/07/08
The Sims passes 100-million mark 04/16/08
GDC '08: EA takes games seriously 02/19/08
GDC '08: Nearly 100M Sims sold 02/19/08
LGF 07: Will Wright speaks 10/29/07
Will Wright gets BAFTA Fellowship 10/15/07
The Sims take the Stage 09/05/07
The Sims movie planned 05/25/07
UK game charts: August 13-19 08/22/06
UK game charts: August 6-12 08/15/06
UK game charts: July 30-August 5 08/08/06
Innovation: does size matter? 12/22/05
The Greatest Games of All Time: The Sims 11/30/05
Survey: Developers are straight white men 10/19/05
EA pitching The Sims to TV 01/18/05
Redefining Games: How Academia Is Reshaping Games of the Future 08/31/04
Will Wright, Lucy Bradshaw to headline IGDA-sponsored Sims event 07/02/04
Special Feature: Graphics - Then and Now 06/18/04
Spot On: Do better graphics make for better games? 06/13/04
EA ships The Sims Mega Deluxe 05/25/04
Electronic Arts reports $2.96 billion in revenue 04/29/04
Neil Young to lord over Maxis 03/24/04
NPD PC game sales: December 21-27 and December 28-January 3 01/14/04
Weekly NPD PC game sales chart: November 30-December 6 12/16/03
Weekly NPD PC game sales chart: November 23-30 12/09/03
Weekly NPD PC game sales chart: November 16-22 12/03/03
Weekly NPD PC game sales chart: November 9-15 11/26/03
The Sims: Makin' Magic ships 10/29/03
The Sims: Makin' Magic Review: 8.3 / 10 10/28/03
The Sims: Makin' Magic Updated Impressions 10/08/03
The Sims: Makin' Magic goes gold 10/06/03
The Sims: Makin' Magic details 07/30/03
The Sims: Makin' Magic Impressions 07/09/03
The Sims: Makin' Magic announced 07/09/03
NPD weekly PC game sales chart 07/02/03
NPD PC game sales charts 06/18/03
The Sims Walkthrough 06/16/03
NPD weekly PC game sales chart 06/11/03
Will Wright signs TV deal 06/03/03
The Sims: Superstar Review: 8 / 10 05/27/03
EA Ships The Sims: Superstar 05/13/03
The Sims Video Tour 05/01/03
The Sims Video Review 05/01/03
The Sims: Superstar goes gold 04/30/03
The Sims: Superstar Trailer 3 04/21/03
The Sims: Superstar Preview 04/21/03
Now shipping 03/25/03
The Sims Review: 7.9 / 10 03/24/03
The Sims Review: 7.9 / 10 03/24/03
The Sims goes gold on the Xbox, GC 03/20/03
The Sims: Superstar Q&A 03/17/03
The Sims: Superstar details 03/04/03
January video game sales 02/20/03
The Sims Xbox, GC impressions 02/13/03
The Sims: Superstar announced 02/13/03
The Sims confirmed for the Xbox and GameCube 01/30/03
Best-selling PC games for 2002 01/28/03
The Sims ships for PS2 01/17/03
The Sims Review: 7.9 / 10 01/14/03
The Sims PS2 impressions 01/09/03
Sims PS2 goes gold 12/20/02
The Sims Preview 09/27/02
Battlefield 1942 shoots to the top 09/26/02
SimCity 4 and The Sims PS2 delayed 09/24/02
Warcraft III slips from the top spot 09/19/02
New media: The Sims 09/13/02
Madden backs off 09/12/02
Madden charges in 09/05/02
Neverwinter Nights bounces back 08/14/02
Warcraft III rides wave of sales 08/07/02
Warcraft III tops charts again 08/01/02
The Sims Deluxe coming soon 07/19/02
Warcraft III begins reign of sales 07/17/02
Neverwinter Nights retains the lead 07/10/02
New Sims expansion in the works? 07/03/02
Neverwinter Nights tops the charts 07/03/02
The Sims: Vacation heads to the Mac 06/28/02
Allied Assault storms back to the front 06/26/02
Grand Theft Auto III steals first place 06/19/02
Face Factory for The Sims coming next month 06/17/02
Soldier of Fortune II, GTAIII shoot to the top 06/12/02
Grand Theft Auto III debuts at number three 06/05/02
Vacation leads the way into summer 05/30/02
Morrowind climbs into second 05/28/02
E3 2002The Sims impressions 05/22/02
E3 2002: EA announces The Sims for PS2 05/20/02
Vacation holds strong 05/16/02
The Sims: Vacation still the top seller 05/09/02
The Sims: Vacation holds the lead 05/02/02
The Sims: Vacation takes March 04/26/02
Vacation still hard at work 04/17/02
Vacation comes out on top 04/12/02
The Sims back on top 04/03/02
Story-based Sims sequel in the works 03/28/02
Allied Assault back to the front 03/27/02
The Sims overtakes Myst 03/22/02
Command & Conquer Renegade hangs on 03/22/02
Renegade debuts at number one 03/14/02
Allied Assault unstoppable 03/06/02
Medal of Honor stands its ground 02/27/02
Medal of Honor takes January 02/21/02
SimGolf debuts in sixth 02/13/02
2001 game sales break records 02/07/02
Medal of Honor storms the charts 02/06/02
Hot Date continues its streak 01/30/02
Harry Potter takes December 01/23/02
Empire Earth climbs the charts 01/16/02
Sims games dominate year-end PC game sales 01/09/02
Will Wright heads to Hall of Fame 01/08/02
New Sims expansion this spring? 01/04/02
EA takes three 01/04/02
Harry Potter on top again 01/03/02
Hot Date rules November 12/19/01
Harry Potter beats Hot Date 12/12/01
Hot Date still hot 12/05/01
Hot Date holds off Harry Potter 11/29/01
Humongous takes the lead 11/21/01
Civilization III takes first and second place 11/14/01
Asheron's Call Dark Majesty ousts Camelot 11/07/01
Camelot hangs on to first place 10/31/01
Camelot takes the lead 10/25/01
Pool of Radiance hangs on to number one 10/17/01
Pool of Radiance debuts at number one 10/10/01
The Sims on top again 10/03/01
AIAS announces DICE creative summit 09/19/01
The Sims reclaims the lead 09/12/01
Arcanum debuts at number four 09/06/01
EA.com eyes Korea 08/27/01
Max Payne shoots to the top 08/22/01
Diablo fever continues 08/15/01
Max Payne debuts at two 08/09/01
New Sims expansion: Hot Date 07/05/01
The Sims makes a comeback 06/13/01
Top-selling games for the month of February 03/21/01
Sims still dominating sales charts 02/28/01
Game prices rise as holiday sales end 02/14/01
Older games dominate the sales charts 01/31/01
EA Continues to see growth 01/31/01
New online Sims games revealed 01/29/01
Sims sales still strong 01/24/01
The Sims Takes All 01/17/01
Sims Still Seeing Stellar Sales 01/10/01
The Sims Regains First Place 01/05/01
The Sims Back on Top 12/06/00
The Sims Riding High into the Shopping Season 11/22/00
Sims Single Released 09/14/00
Make Sim Art 08/23/00
The Sims Movie 2 07/13/00
The Sims Movie 1 07/13/00
A May Day for EQ 06/13/00
It's A Sim World 06/06/00
Best-Selling Games 05/31/00
DJ Gets Into The Sims 05/26/00
Kunark Cracks Into Top Sales 05/22/00
The Sims Review: 9.1 / 10 02/11/00
First Impressions of The Sims 02/01/00
The Sims Preview 06/08/99