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MX Superfly


Cheat Codes

Enter these codes at the main menu:

L2+square, L1+right, L2+circle, L1+left, squareAll Bikes
right, L1+right, down, L1+left, right, squareAll Riders
triangle, right, R1+L1, square+circle, L2+circle, squareAll Tracks
up, L1+up, square, L1+right, L2+down, L1+leftUnlock 250cc Freestyle
triangle, L1+left, square, triangle, L1+right, R1+down, R1+right, selectUnlock Everything

Contributed By: Gabesnake.



UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the ''Safety First'' challenge.Balloon Toss Mini-Game
Complete the ''World's Longest Jump'' challenge.Cameron Steele
Complete the ''World's Highest Jump'' challenge.Custom Bee Motorcycle
Complete the ''Brave The Vertical Drop'' challenge.Custom Cow Motorcycle
Complete the ''Dominate 250cc Pro Race Season'' challenge.Custom Fish Motorcycle
Complete the ''Dominate 125cc Pro Race Season'' challenge.Custom Playa Motorcycle
Complete the ''Lift Tower Challenge'' challenge.Elrod the Viking
Complete the ''Dramatic Entrance'' challenge.New Barriers for the Track Editor
Complete the ''Impossible Stoppie'' challenge.New Movable Objects for the Track Editor
Complete the ''Impossible Wheelie'' challenge.New Ramps for the Track Editor
Complete the ''Cross Training'' challenge.New Station Z Arena and Floating Platforms for the Track Editor
Complete the ''Find Out The Truth'' challenge.Sal the Alien
Complete the ''Dominate 250cc Pro Freestyle Season'' challenge.Special Fire Motorcycle
Complete the ''Dominate 125cc Pro Freestyle Season'' challenge.Special Tiger Motorcycle
Complete the ''Crane's Eye View'' challenge.Superfly
Complete the ''Mega Stunt'' challenge.Wheelball Mini-Game

Contributed By: Sirideu II.