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Mega Man X7


Glide Armor and more.

You need X for every mission to get the armor.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Got to the plane place and get to area 3. Then get to the intersection and go to the left.Body armor for X
Go to the place with Hyanard and in area one... Then get to the fourth fire dragon and beat it. Then jump down and dash to the left or you'll hit fireBuster armor for X
Go to Stonekong place and get near the boss. When you get to stones stacked up and a person behind it... Use Zero and use double jump to get a branch.Foot armor for X
When you get all the parts to get the Glide Armor... Go to team select for a mission and it will say you got the Armor and you can use X or armor X.Glide Armor seperate from X
Go to the place with Anteater and get to area 2. Get to the portal to get to the boss but go into the gravity portal before the Boss portal.Head armor for X

Contributed By: shadowprotoman3.

Unlock X

UnlockableHow to Unlock
To unlock and use X in any stages, You would have to find and rescue 64 Reploids and above. Once you have reached the requirements, you'll trigger the cutscene after you've cleared the stage or lost all your lives in the particular stage.Unlock X

Contributed By: Iluna.