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Mystic Heroes


Unlockable characters

Please do the following:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
To unlock Captain Dax, complete the Beginner Survival Mode Course on normal setting.Captain Dax
To unlock the last character Kai, just beat mission mode on hard (beginner level)Kai
To unlock Mirah, complete the Advanced Survival Mode Course on normal setting.Mirah
To unlock Raja, complete the Intermediate Survival Mode Course on normal setting.Raja

Contributed By: Iori99 and conradpower.

Unlockable Modes

Please do the following:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
To unlock Hard Survival Mode, complete normal Survival Mode.Hard Survival Mode

Contributed By: Ultima Link.

Unlockable Runes

These runes can be unlocked either through completing story mode, multiplayer matches, or completing survival mode.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Play a Versus game with 4 human players.M1: Inyokyo
Play 100 Versus rounds in Multiplayer Mode.M10: Raitei
Complete Story Mode with Shiga.M2: Fusenso
Complete Story Mode with Lani.M3: Hyoten
Complete Story Mode with Tai.M4: Hyakurai
Complete Story Mode with Naja.M5: Enkuin
Play 10 Cooperative stages in Multiplayer Mode.M6: Bankoban
Play 20 Cooperative stages in Multiplayer Mode.M7: Kongoho
Play 20 Versus rounds in Multiplayer Mode.M8: Kyoko
Play 50 Versus rounds in Multiplayer Mode.M9: Sanryu
Complete Beginner Survival Mode.S1: Senho
Complete Intermediate Survival Mode.S2: Juha
Complete Advanced Survival Mode.S3: Rikihon
Complete Expert Beginner Survival Mode.S4: Kongoy
Complete Expert Intermediate Survival Mode.S5: Goriki
Complete Expert Advanced Survival Mode.S6: Togen

Contributed By: HyperTailsMan.