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Seek and Destroy


Pink Tank Codes

In the first town, there is a pink looking tank across from the heliport. Enter these codes for items from him:

GSASINRIAir Gatling Gun
KKHWEEEEBoundbomb Weapon

Contributed By: divad999.


Unlockable Items

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the the final boss. You'll receive them after the credits.Angel Wings
Beat all of the arena battles and gamesDevil Wings

Contributed By: Lasakon and divad999.


Alternate Intro

After the game loads and the ''PRESS START'' appears, press triangle. A new intro will appear showing something from all the battles.

Contributed By: YRRNo1.

Different Boss Battles ( Different Tanks)

To fight the flying boss, rescue the Major in the ''Devils in the Sand'' mission before heading to Magiscopic. The flying boss will be in Magiscopic.

To fight the giant tank boss, beat the Magiscopic Battle before rescuing the allies in ''Devils in the Sand''. In Magiscopic you will then fight tanks instead of the flying boss and there will be another small battle to the west of the final city with the giant tank boss.

By defeating a boss you will get 3 tanks, a different set for each boss, and you cannot fight both bosses in one game. This way you can get more tanks.

Contributed By: ACPhantomCoreGundam.