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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Squeaky Feet

At the Title Screen...

Up, Up, Down, Down. Left, Right, Left, Right, X, OGives turtles squeaky feet

Contributed By: SuperShredder.


Alternate Costumes

Alternate costumes can be unlocked by entering the following passwords in Options -> Password screen. Select turtle by pressing R1 of L1 with X button after entering password to select alternate costume.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
DDSMSDonatalo's alternate costume
LDMSRLeonardo's alternate costume
RRLMDMichaelangelo's alternate costume
DMDMLRaphael's alternate costume

Contributed By: DuelMasterNG.

Gembu Turtle Power

Beat ''Special Stage: Ordeal'' with each Turtle to unlock the ability to use the Turtle's utimate move-the Gembu Turtle Power. You can only use it 3 times in each Area.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat ''Special Stage: Ordeal'' with each TurtleGembu Turtle Power

Contributed By: WurdMan.

Hidden Characters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Stage 1 as Raphael - (Stage 1, Area 2)Casey Jones
Beat Challenge Mode at any difficulty in under 15 minutesCasey Jones in Story Mode
Complete Stage 3 as any of the Turtles - (Stage 3, Area 5)Evil Turtlebot
Complete Stage 6 as Michelangelo - (Stage 6, Area 6)Hun
Defeat Oroku Saki as any of the Turtles - (Stage 6, Area 8)Oroku Saki
Beat game with all 4 turtlesOroku Saki fight
Defeat Shredder as any of the Turtles - (Stage 6, Area 7)Shredder
Complete Dojo Stage 3 as Leonardo - (Dojo Stage 3)Splinter
Complete the Challenge mode as any of the Turtles - (Challenge mode boss)Yoshi Hamato

Contributed By: Syxx676, Relay, and hitmonchan.

Master Splinter in Story Mode

To unlock Master Splinter in Story Mode, enter MSRLS in the password screen (From main menu, choose Options -> Password).

Contributed By: DuelMasterNG.

Easter Eggs

Special Holiday-Themed Costumes

If you play on Halloween (Oct. 31), your character will have a pumpkin head. Playing on Christmas Eve/Christmas (Dec. 24/25) will outfit your character with a Santa costume.

Contributed By: Super Yamcha.