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Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II


Misc. Codes

While playing hold L1 + R1 + Triangle + Square + Circle + X, then press StartCheat menu for infinite health and level warp
While playing hold L1 + R1 + Triangle + Square + Circle + X, then press L2Level 10, 45 skill points, 500,000.

Contributed By: slayer456.


Become a Millionaire

The money system in Dark Alliance 2 is shared in two-player games. However all of the information is linked to Player 1. Because of this you can do the following to become a millionaire in a matter of minutes. First you need a two-player game. Second you need to get to the merchant. Third buy as many high priced yet light weight items as possible. I recommend the dagger near the bottom of his list in chapter 1. It weighs 1 pound and costs 3,000 gold. Player 2 should be carrying these items. Save your game. Sell all of Player 2's high priced items. Do NOT save again. Simply import Player 2. He will return with all of his high priced items. Sell again. Import Player 2. Sell again. Import Player 2. Sell again. This process is made extremely faster if you have a set of +5 Grand/Imperial or Flawless rings or amulets. They can easily be worth 150,000 gold each.

Contributed By: GilgaMan.

Easy Duplication

Simply Save your character, and import on a new one, or possible the same one, drop the stuff and re-import.

Simple as that, but to do this you need 2 characters playing, but if your not simply save your single-player character, play multiplayer, follow the steps above and save it, and there we go! Duplicated items!

Contributed By: Kirby Ownz.

Easy experience

Before speaking to one of the experience ''sellers'' (example, the dwarf in the Purple Wyrm that will give the dwarf experience for gold), save your game. Speak to him, and ''buy'' the 2000, 4000, 8000, and 16000 exp quest reward. Save your game in a new slot, then load the first one, and import your character from the second one. Your character will have all the benefits of having gotten the quest reward, and will be able to get them all over again. Repeat as desired. A sufficient supply of gold is necessary for this glitch.

Contributed By: Nightdagger.

Make Lyran disappear!

Under Act 2 of the game, when you get to Lyran's Hold and find your way into his Private Study, Lyran will appear (as a Lich) and will follow and attack you. Normally, you'd want to avoid him and get down to the cellar ASAP. However, you don't need to!
Just run out of his study with him following, then Recall back to Baldur's Gate. When you Recall back again, he ain't there anymore! Now, you can toddle down to the cellar at your own pace.
This was discovered on the European (PAL) version.

Contributed By: crunchyfrog555.

Start an extreme game with previous items

This will start an extreme mode game with the items on a non-extreme save. First start a new extreme game and load the character you want. Then go to change players and start up a new player 2 character. After the 2nd player loads, remove player 1. Once that's done import the character that you just removed into the player 2 slot (A message about importing characters will pop up, just continue). When its done loading you should have the character loaded with all his/her items from that save.
Next just remove the player 1 charater and you're done.

Contributed By: Drolemag.

Unlimited Gold

You can increase charisma by wearing trinkets and or boots containing amethysts.
Increasing charisma decreases the buy-price and increases the sell-price of items in the shop.

When charisma reaches 24(plus 35 percent buy and sell), the sell value reaches a maximum. At 26(plus 40 percent buy and sell), the sell-price becomes 1 Gold less than the buy-price. Crucially, the buy-price is LESS than the sell-price when back at a charisma of 24.

Thus, for unlimited Gold:

Get your charisma to 26( plus 40 percent buy and sell) or above.

Enter shop and buy lots of expensive, light items.

Leave shop and reduce your charisma to 24(plus 35 percent buy and sell)

Return to unsuspecting Bartley's shop and sell the items for a profit.

Contributed By: gsgreg.


Misc. Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat the game on extreme modeArtemis Enteri
Complete the game once on any difficulty.Drizzt Do'Urden
Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock Extreme ModeExtreme Mode

Contributed By: Paul Kroenke, Shadow Bane, and Y 2 J 2.

Easter Eggs

Loading Screen Trick

While the game is loading and you see the text Loading, use the R3 analog stick to move the flames left, right or up.

Contributed By: finalight.