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Secret Weapons Over Normandy


Making the game a bit easier

From the starting menu where ''New Game'' or ''Continue'' can be selected (AKA main title screen)

Square, Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square, R2, R2, L2, L2All Planes Environments,and Missions
U, R, U, L, D, R, U, L, D, R, L1, R1, L1, R1Big Heads
U,R,D,L,U,R,D,L,L1,R1Infinite Ammo

Contributed By: blindsensei, electrosho, and gsgreg.


How to unlock the Me 262 and 163 planes

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the mission Free Jagd (spelling) or complete all secondary objectivesMe- 163
Simply complete the mission Jetstream (you steal one when you parachute)Me- 262

Contributed By: ChINoStYLe.

Misc. Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Sink all patrol boats on the Mosquito Bite missionXP-55

Contributed By: gsgreg.

Star Wars fighters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish all 15 missions of main campaign and all 21 challenge missions.TIE
Finish all 15 missions of main campaign and all 21 challenge missions.X-Wing

Contributed By: Meweight.

Unlock the DORNIER DO-335 ARROW

Complete all missions and challenges and fulfill every bonus and secondary objective to unlock the final plane.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat all challenges and missions with all bonus and secondary objectives.DORNIER DO-335 ARROW

Contributed By: Doctor M.