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Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines


Cheat Codes

Enter code at the cheat menu screen

Triangle, Circle, Square, X, X, X, Triangle, CircleUnlock All FMV sequences
X, Square, X, Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle, TriangleUnlock All still pictures

Contributed By: lilobaggins.


Classic Atari Games

Select ''options'' from the main menu and then select ''cheats''

Circle, Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Square, Triangle, SquareUnlock Centepide In "Special Features"
Circle, Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Square ,X, XUnlock Missile Command In "Special Features"

Contributed By: Kyle Reese.


Enter these passwords in the Cheat section.

X- X button
SQ- Square button
T- Triangle
C- Circle

SQ,T,SQ,T,C,X,C,X50% more health for TX in combat
T,T,SQ,X,C,T,SQ,C50% more health in combat with TX
X,X,X,T,C,C,SQ,XAll future weapons
C,C,T,SQ,X,T,T,SQAll past weapons
X,T,T,T,X,C,X,SQUnlimited Ammunition
Press C, C, C, S, S, S, T, XView development team

Contributed By: Ewok and The1Executioner.

Unlock all levels

At the cheat menu enter Circle, Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle

Contributed By: lordofsith55.