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James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing


Cheat Codes

In the pause Menu while playing the game, after the appropriate Platinum award has been achieved.

Circle, Trianlge, X, X, CircleAll Weapons
Circle, Triangle, X , Triangle, SquareCloak
Circle, Circle, X, Circle, TriangleDouble Ammo
Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, CircleDouble Damage
Circle, X, X, Square, TriangleEasier movement in vehicle.
Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square, SquareFull Ammo
Circle, Triangle, Triangle, X, CircleFull Battery
Circle, Triangle, X, Circle, TriangleGolden Gun
Circle, Square, Square, X, CircleImproved Battery
Circle, Square, Square, Circle, XPlatinum Gun
Circle, Square, Triangle, X, TriangleSlow Motion Driving
Circle, X, Square, X, CircleUnlimited Ammo
Circle, Square, Circle, Square, TriangleUnlimited Battery

Contributed By: TagThisTsT, Loud Minority, PantherG77, and bsbll8245.


All Cheats (Platinum Unlocks)

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete 17 Levels on PlatinumAll Weapons
Complete 13 Levels on PlatinumCloak
Complete 7 Levels on PlatinumDouble Ammo
Complete 9 Levels on PlatinumDouble Damage
Complete 11 Levels on PlatinumFull Ammo
Complete 15 Levels on PlatinumFull Battery
Complete 1 Level on PlatinumGolden Gun
Complete 5 Levels on PlatinumImproved Battery
Complete 3 Levels on PlatinumImproved Traction
Complete 27 Levels on PlatinumPlatinum Gun
Complete 25 Levels on PlatinumSlow Motion Driving
Complete 23 Levels on PlatinumUnlimited Ammo
Complete 19 Levels on PlatinumUnlimited Battery

Contributed By: Goldburg.

All Rewards (Gold Unlocks)

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete 12 Levels on GoldCayenne Weapon Upgrade
Complete 27 Levels on GoldGallery
Complete 6 Levels on GoldHelicopter Weapon Upgrade
Complete 20 Levels on GoldKatya
Complete the gameMI6 Combat Simulator
Complete the gameMI6 Survival Test
Complete 17 Levels on GoldMiss Nagai
Complete 14 Levels on GoldMya
Complete 24 Levels on GoldNanotank Weapon Upgrade
Complete 1 Level on GoldProduction Stills 1
Complete 18 Levels on GoldProduction Stills 10
Complete 19 Levels on GoldProduction Stills 11
Complete 22 Levels on GoldProduction Stills 12
Complete 23 Levels on GoldProduction Stills 13
Complete 25 Levels on GoldProduction Stills 14
Complete 2 Levels on GoldProduction Stills 2
Complete 3 Levels on GoldProduction Stills 3
Complete 4 Levels on GoldProduction Stills 4
Complete 5 Levels on GoldProduction Stills 5
Complete 7 Levels on GoldProduction Stills 6
Complete 9 Levels on GoldProduction Stills 7
Complete 13 Levels on GoldProduction Stills 8
Complete 16 Levels on GoldProduction Stills 9
Complete 8 Levels on GoldSerena
Complete 10 Levels on GoldTank Weapon Upgrade
Complete 21 Levels on GoldTriumph Weapon Upgrade
Complete 11 Levels on GoldUnderworld
Complete 15 Levels on GoldVanquish Weapon Upgrade

Contributed By: Goldburg and Go Yankees.


Here's a list of gadgets that you can unlock and the methods to unlock them:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish "The Pontchartrain Bridge"EMP Grenade
Finish "Ground Zero"Frag Grenade
Finish "Diavolo's Plan"Network Tap
Finish "Sand Storm"Q-Cloak
Finish "Sand Storm"Q-Spider
Finish "Diavolo's Plan"Q-Spider Dart
Finish "A Show of Force"Q-Spider Explosive
Finish "Diavolo's Plan"Q-Spider Nano
Finish "Ground Zero"Rappel
Finish "Sand Storm"RC Car
Finish "Sand Storm"Sleeper Dart
Finish "Sand Storm"Strobe Grenade
Finish "Ground Zero"Thermovision

Contributed By: BXBomber.

Hidden Movie

UnlockableHow to Unlock
From the main menu select Options, then Credits. Watch the credits and at the end a movie will play.Hidden Movie

Contributed By: KrazyMonkey09.

Platinum Medals

To get a platinum medal, you have to do the following in the ''00 Agent'' difficulty:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the Mission in 3:00 or lessA Long Way Down Platinum
Reach the Extraction Point in 0:45 or lessA Show of Force Platinum
Reach Jaws without taking any damage.An Old Friend Platinum
Go from hideout to compound in 0:45 or lessBattle in the Big Easy Platinum
Complete the mission taking 100 pts of damage or lessDeath of an Agent Platinum
Complete the mission in 3:45 or lessDeath's Door Platinum
Complete the mission taking 500 pts of damage or lessGround Zero Platinum
Reach Van in 0:45 or lessMardi Gras Mayhem Platinum
Destroy the General's base in 0:45 or lessSand Storm Platinum
Get to the bottom of the fortress in 1:55 or lessSerena St. Germaine Platinum
Complete the Mission using no ammoThe Kiss Kiss Club Platinum
Fire 10 rounds of ammo or lessThe Ruined Tower Platinum
Complete the Mission in 2:10 or lessTrain Chase Platinum
Complete the mission in 4:00 or lessVertigo Platinum

Contributed By: BXBomber.

Unlockables - Multiplayer

Unlock the following characters and arenas for multiplayer

UnlockableHow to Unlock
290 points003
50 pointsBaren Samedi
370 pointsBurn Chamber (Level)
30 pointsCistern (Level)
400 pointsDiavolo Moscow
90 pointsEgypt Commander
180 pointsEgypt Guard
110 pointsHazmat Guard
320 pointsKatya Jumpsuit
260 pointsLe Rouge
450 pointsMiss Nagai
230 pointsMoscow Guard
130 pointsMya
70 pointsOdd Job
350 pointsSerena
430 pointsSerena
210 pointsSouth Commander
160 pointsTest Lab (Level)

Contributed By: Commy.