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NHL 2004


Programmers and Producers

In create a player, input these names (Last name, First name):

Armes, RoyMakes this producer/ programmer of the game playable
Richards, DeanMakes this producer/ programmer of the game playable
Tang, PinMakes this producer/ programmer of the game playable
Warfield, DaveMakes this producer/ programmer of the game playable

Contributed By: actingsquirrel9.


Unlockable Band Players

Enter any of the following names to unlock a player from the respective band:

Theo Gobzinakis, Gabe Metal, Gob Stomper, Tom Whacker, Pat Wolfman, or Craig WouldUnlocks a Gob member
Terence Corso, Mike Cosgrove, Dryden Mitchell, or Tye ZamoraUnlocks an Alien Ant Farm member

Contributed By: Starky27.


Goalies never retire

At the end of the season, make sure that you only have 2 goalies left on your roster. Since the game wont let you have below the minimum of 2 goalies, they will not retire no matter what their age. You will see some goalies playing at the age of 55.

Contributed By: Robster184.

No injuries

Just keep the minimum amount of players on your roster. They will never get hurt since you can't go below the minimum amount of players. This really helps out in Dynasty Mode since you won't have to waste any points on medical staff.

Contributed By: Beaninfritz.

Unlock Deep Voice for announcer

If you have a memory card with any EA Sports football game data on it, it will unlock the Deep Voice for the announcer which is found in the Unlockables section in the game.

Contributed By: actingsquirrel9.