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Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends


Easy Way to Get Zhang He's 11th Weapon

Play Zhang He's Legend. As soon as the game starts, follow Wei Yan until you see a way down the mountain (the one if you go down there will be Guan Ping's ambush). As soon as you see the way, hit Wei Yan with your C4 to the way down. Then go fetch him, as soon as you do, Guan Ping will activate the rock slide. After that happens, Wei Yan will remain still, not moving. Finish him off. After you defeat him, Zhang He will say something, and there will be a message saying, ''Zhang He has gained the final weapon Infernal Talon!''.

Contributed By: Big Boss 55310.



UnlockableHow to Unlock
With Huang Zhong in Legends mode. Kill Guan Ping and Zhou Cang. The item will appear at the far western side of the level.Unlock Fire Arrows
On Lu Bu's legend, get 1,300 KOs before Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei appear. Supply Team appears at bottom gate, going to top gate.Unlock Master of Musou
With Sun Quan in Legends mode. Kill Zhang Liao four times. A supply team will appear on the map. Kill the Supply Captin to claim your armorUnlock Mosou Armor
With Zhuge Liang in Legends mode. Do exactly as instructed by the game. Kill Yue Ying immediatly each time it tells you. A secret item will appear.Unlock Power Rune
On Zhou Tai's legend, rescue all four of Sun Quan's Sub Officers. Then, seal all gates. Precious item report at bottom left.Unlock Secret of Orbs
With Cao Cao in Legends mode. Kill all the Wu generals. The item will appear in the northeastern part of the map. SR is the best harness in the gameUnlock Shadow Runner
With Dong Zhuo in Legends mode. Kill Yuan Shao as soon as he appears. The item will appear in the northeastern corner of the map.Unlock Storm Harness
With Sun Jian in Legends mode. Do nothing until Lu Bu arrives. Kill Lu Bu. The item appears in the fortress where the ambush is located.Unlock The Art of War
On Meng Huo's legend, seal all enemy gates, without letting your only gate get destroyed. Presious Item Report near Sima Zhao.Unlock War Drum

Contributed By: gamefan1221 and Sun Ce752.