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Samurai Warriors


Create-a-Warrior Stat Bonus

Enter the following as your name in create-a-warrior mode (Japanese version):

dojiincreased stats
damascusincreased stats

Contributed By: ReVeLaTeD and nobutada45.


Easy AI in Hell difficulty (JP Version)

This glitch is the same one from Dynasty Warrior 4: Xtreme Legends. It lowers the enemies' AI so that it attacks and blocks a lot less frequently. However, the strength, HP and defense remain at original values.
1. Create game in normal, hard or hell difficulty.
2. Save after the game begins.
3. Change difficulty to easy.
4. Restart saved game and note the change in the AI.

Contributed By: The Left Wings.

Easy Last Weapons (JP Version Only)

In 1P, you will need to fulfill a character's unique requirements in order to get his/her last (5th) weapon. But using 2 players, you can use a character with an easier requirement to get another character's last weapon. For example, Sanada Yukimura's requirements are really tough. You can get his last weapon in any other character's story using 2 players. This is obviously not intended by the game because you are getting the ''wrong'' 5th weapon.
1. Choose Free Mode. Hard or hell difficulty.
2. Choose the character you want the 5th weapon for as 1P.
3. Choose the character you're most comfortable with as 2P.
4. Choose the stage in which 2P can get his/her 5th weapon.
5. Fulfill 2P's requirements to get his/her 5th weapon.
6. When supply team appears, let 1P take the weapon dropped by its captain.
7. Finish the stage, and you'll find that you got 1P's 5th weapon instead of 2P's.

Contributed By: The Left Wings.


Alternate Costume

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish a character's musou mode to unlock their alternate costume, select by pressing triangleAlternate Costume (JP Version)
Finish a character's musou mode to unlock their alternate costume, select by pressing circleAlternate Costume (US Version)

Contributed By: Tenken.

Edit Mode Musket (JP)

To unlock the musket in edit mode you have to get to expert on archery mode and complete expert with a perfect rating. Select Archery again and Magoichi will appear and challenge you. Defeat him and your edit character will have a musket.

Contributed By: hozhoz.

Misc. Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Clear any two scenarios.Date Masamune
Clear Okuni's scenario.Ishikawa Goemon
Clear both Hattori Hanzou's and Takeda Shingen's scenarios.Kunoichi
Clear Oichi's, Saiga Magoichi's, and Nouhime's scenarios.Lord Oda Nobunaga
Clear Uesugi Kenshin's scenario.Meada Keiji
Clear Akechi Mitsuhide's scenario.Mori Ranmaru
Clear Mori Ranmaru's scenario.Nouhime
Clear Maeda Keiji's scenario.Okuni
Clear any scenario once.Saiga Magoichi
Clear Sanada Yukimura's scenario.Takeda Shingen

Contributed By: Geese911.

New Edit General Models

While training a new general, achieve an attack and defense total of 90 by the fourth month. A doujou-yaburi will show up to challenge you. Defeat him (he can only be defeated with a Musou Ougi) and you will unlock a new character model. This can be repeated up to 4 times.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Second timeMasked Armored Female
First timeMasked Armored Male
Fourth timePriest Female
Third timePriest Male

Contributed By: EChang.

Easter Eggs

Fight Lu Bu

You can face Lu Bu from the Dynasty Warriors series by reaching the 30th floor in the Abyss level of Survivor mode.

Contributed By: Bew2k1.


2P Costumes for CPU-controlled Generals

First, get 100% mission completion for all 16 characters (15 standard generals + 1 created general). Now when playing any stage, if you select your character's 2P costume, all computer-controlled playable generals will also be wearing their 2P costumes.

Contributed By: EChang.