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Front Mission 4


EP plus without using skill slots

In the U.S. version of FM4, if you have a pilot learn and equip the skill EP plus and then fight through one battle(can be a simulator mission) with it on, you can then replace that ep plus and equip some other skills with the freed up slot, but the pilot will still gain 20% extra ep per battle until you either reset or load another game.

Contributed By: ollumi.


Durandal: Unlockable Simulations & Items

The following is a list of unlockable simulations, detailed by the simulation are items, parts, or weapons you will acquire by beating that simulation.

Note: These are for the Durandal Missions/Simulations

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Win Stage 1: Jutland, DenmarkDurandal Simulation 1
Defeat the two Zeder H2 missileers in Stage 16: Port Nikolaev OR win Durandal Simulation 6 in 25 Turns or Less.Durandal Simulation 10 (Vampire Arms)
Win Stage 22 Defend the Carrier w/The Carrier's HP 40% or higher left OR Win Durandal Simulation 7 in 30 Turns or LessDurandal Simulation 11 (Zhelanie IV Wanzer)
Win Stage 24: Zaftran Terminal with over half the British Army Wanzers intact, OR win Durandal Simulation 8 in 30 Turns or LessDurandal Simulation 12 (Artdeux Machinegun)
Win Durandal Simulation 12Durandal Simulation 13 (JP75-AdlerII/ EMP9F-LicorneII/ RD33-GlockeII)
Win Stage 2: German BaseDurandal Simulation 2
Win Stage 6: German BorderDurandal Simulation 3
Win Stage 7: Blauer Nebel CastleDurandal Simulation 4
Win Stage 12: Zaftran BorderDurandal Simulation 5
Win Stage 18: Megafloat BaseDurandal Simulation 6
Win Stage 23: Zaftran Border FortressDurandal Simulation 7
Win Stage 24: Zaftran TerminalDurandal Simulation 8
Win Stage 6: German Border in 15 Turns or LessDurandal Simulation 9 (Galbados Rocket Launcher)

Contributed By: WBirkin and cyrus19.

U.C.S.: Unlockable Simulations & Items

The following are the requirements to unlock UCS Simultations:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Automatically Unlocks when you earn Simulator mode in U.C.S. Missions.U.C.S. Simulation 1
Defeat all enemy units in Stage 14: Governor's Manor, OR win U.C.S. Simulation 5 in 30 Turns or Less.U.C.S. Simulation 10 (Minotaur Weapon Arms)
In Stage 21: Base Elevator Shaft, move a unit to the very bottom platform in 10 Turns or Less, OR win U.C.S. Simulation 7 in 25 Turns or Less.U.C.S. Simulation 11 (Zenith RV Wanzer)
Win Stage 26: Central Caracas, but destroy Ivanovna's Zhuk II before destroying the two Zhuk I-B units, OR win U.C.S. Sim. 11 in 20 or Less TurnsU.C.S. Simulation 12 (Oborona II Wanzer)
Win Stage 8: Port CumanaU.C.S. Simulation 2
Win Stage 10: Refugee VillageU.C.S. Simulation 3
Win Stage 13: Caracas HideoutU.C.S. Simulation 4
Win Stage 15: Caracas EscapeU.C.S. Simulation 5
Win Stage 20: Secret Zaftran BaseU.C.S. Simulation 6
Win Stage 26: Central CaracasU.C.S. Simulation 7
Win Stage 4: Guinerama Base in 15 Turns or Less OR Win U.C.S. Simulation 2 in 20 Turns or Less.U.C.S. Simulation 8 (22s Leosocial Machinegun)
Win Stage 13: Caracas Hideout without losing any Alianza Units, OR Win U.C.S. Simulation 4 in 30 Turns or Less.U.C.S. Simulation 9 (BOA 36 Bazooka)

Contributed By: WBirkin.


End Game Save - New Game Plus

Successfully complete the game first. Then after the Credits, the game will take you to the Save/Load/Exit menu, select Save. On the main menu, select Load and load the end game save, you'll be starting the game from the beginning but you keep the money and the characters' EPs from the previous game, everything else will be reset.

Contributed By: Kouli.

Secret level in the Demo

After you have completed all the available missions in the demo, save your game (Make sure to do it after you complete the last mission). Then, load that save up and go to the mission list. Make sure the first mission is selected and press Up and X. You will then be taken to the Wanzer Shop, and, once done, will start the secret bonus level in the Demo.

Contributed By: Icelight.