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Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition


Akuma Code

On the character selection screen, Select Super-T as your fighting style then highlight Ryu for 5-7 seconds, then quickly go right and highlight T.Hawk for 5-7 seconds then hit left and highlight Guile for 5-7 seconds, now quickly highlight cammy by going down and then right and highlight her for 5-7 seconds, finally quickly highlight ryu by going right to ken then up to ryu and stay on ryu for 5-7 seconds. Now finally end it by pressing start and then the PPP button, you basically have a milisecond before hitting PPP in order to get akuma.

Contributed By: Zero9X.


Unlockable Difficulties

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete game in Normal modeEasy Mode
Complete game in Normal modeHard Mode

Contributed By: hbkXtreMe.


Fight Akuma

To fight against Akuma in the final round (rather than Bison) complete the game without losing a single round and get four "perfects."

Contributed By: hbkXtreMe.