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Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX


Make Created officer born in 130

Create a secret character aka Liu Bang, Han Xin. Press X to go to the to their stats then press Triangle to cancel and when they ask you if you want to save, don't save it. Then go to edit, they will still have the secret officer's name. Edit that character you will find that it has no name no face and birthyear shifted to 130.

Contributed By: XingDong.


Additional TP and Charms

Unlock all 15 event in the game.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
unlock all 15 event's in the game.Additional TP and charms

Contributed By: kirin fang.

Modify settings of hidden characters

A good ending involves 3 events (pictures). A best ending involves 4 events (pictures). If you successfuly obtain the good/best ending the first time, then Xu Shao will reward you the ability to modify settings of hidden characters like Ma Yunlu, Huang Yueying, Xiang Ji, ect...

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Successfully obtain the good/best ending the first timeModify settings of hidden characters

Contributed By: Huang Ding.

New modify settings

When you beat the game, you should have at least 2 pictures to do this.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get at least 2 or more pictures in the ending50+ TP for created officer

Contributed By: azndoafan.

Secret Characters

Secret Characters found throughout the game.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
New Officer with name "Bai" "Qi"Bai Qi
New Officer with name "Chen" "Qingzhi"Chen Qingzhi
New Officer with name "Chengji" "Sihan"Chengji Sihan
Load Dynasty Warriors 4 DataDa Qiao
Play if challenge scenario Commander Yuan Shao. Take Chang An. Search Mei until you get the search event finding Dong Zhuo's granddaughter. Win.Dong Bai
Delete this entry, not known how to unlock him yet.Emperor Xian
New Officer with name "Fan" "Zeng"Fan Zeng
New Officer with name "Guan" "Yiwu"Guan Yiwu
New Officer with name "Han" "Xin"Han Xin
Beat Tutorial ModeHuang Yueying
New Officer with name "Huo" "Qubing"Huo Qubing
After controlling at least two provinces, including the Xu province, you should have control of Xia Pi. There is a territory near Xia Pi called Langxie. Send as many officers as you can to search this region, when your Repute hits at least 700Japan Tribe
Search near Bei Hai when warlord tells you to. You must have Bei Hai to do thisJapan Tribe
New Officer with name "Kong" "Qiu"Kong Qiu
New Officer with name "Li" "Ji"Li Ji
New Officer with name "Li" "Si"Li Si
New Officer with name "Lin" "Xiangru"Lin Xiangru
New Officer with name "Liu" "Bang"Liu Bang
Load Dynasty Tactics 2 DataLu Ling Qi
Beat Tutorial ModeMa Yunlu
Play if challenge scenario Zhao Yun. Refuse marriage with Mistress Fan and win scenario. Unlocks Mistress Fan.Mistress Fan
In Inheritance Wars, get event where Mistress Zhen gives Yuan Xi a carp charm, then beat the scenario.Mistress Zhen
Get Good Ending with Yuan Shang on Inheritance Wars Challenge ScenarioMistress Zhen
In Defense of Nan Yang Scenario, get event where Jia Xu offers Mistress Zou up for Cao Cao, then beat the scenario.Mistress Zou
Beat Nanman Barbarians in scenario then beat gameNanman Tribe
Beat Qiang Barbarians in scenario then beat gameQiang Tribe
New Officer with name "Qin" "Liangyu"Qin Liangyu
Beat Shen Yue Barbarians in scenario then beat gameShan Yue Tribe
New Officer with name "Wang" "Jian"Wang Jian
Beat Wu Wan Barbarians in scenario then beat gameWu Wan Tribe
New Officer with name "Xiang" "Ji"Xiang Ji
New Officer with name "Xiao" "He"Xiao He
Load Dynasty Warriors 4 Extreme Legends DataXiao Qiao
New Officer with name "Yang" "Daiyan"Yang Daiyan
New Officer with name "Ying" "Bu"Ying Bu
New Officer with name "Ying" "Zheng"Ying Zheng
New Officer with name "Yue" "Fei"Yue Fei
New Officer with name "Yue" "Yi"Yue Yi
New Officer with name "Zhang" "Liang"Zhang Liang
New Officer with name "Zhang" "Yi"Zhang Yi

Contributed By: TheGJE and Jimayo.

Unlock all tactics for created characters

Unlock all items (Horses, weapons, manuals, treatises, annals, scriptures, essays, maps, tomes, scrolls, seal, treasures, decorations, charms).

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Unlock all items (Horses, Weapons, Manuals, Treatises, Annals, Scriptures, Essays, Maps, Tomes, Scrolls, Seal, Treasures, Decorations, Charms)All tactics for created characters

Contributed By: kirin fang.