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Star Wars: Battlefront


Unlock All Planets

Choose Historical Campaign and at the planet selection screen enter the following:

Square, Circle, Square, CircleUnlocks All Planets

Contributed By: EPNeo.


Destroy driodekas

If you are at close quarters against a droideka then get up right against its shield. For some reason the droideka can't harm you. Wait for the shield to go down or blast it till it does

Contributed By: monkeymandude.


Art Gallery Unlockables

Beat the specified mission in Historical Campaigns to unlock the art gallery.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Bespin: The Liberation of Cloud City: Galactic Civil WarBespin Concept Art
Bespin: Battle in the Clouds: Galactic Civil WarEndor Stills
Geonosis: Battle of Geonosis: Clone WarsGeonosis Stills
Hoth: Battle of Hoth: Galactic Civil WarHoth Concept Art
Beat a Mission in Historical Campaign ModeInstant Action
Kamino: Assault on Kamino: Clone WarsKamino Storyboards
Naboo: Rebellion on Theed: Clone WarsNaboo Stills
Kashyyyk: Aggressive Negotiations: Clone WarsStar Wars Battlefront Art
Tatooine: Siege of Mos Eisley: Galactic Civil WarTatooine Concept Art
Rhen Var: Mountaintop Defenses: Clone WarsWeapons and Units Stills
Yavin 4: The Fall of Yavin 4: Galactic Civil WarYavin Concept Art

Contributed By: EPNeo.