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Serious Sam: Next Encounter


Gold Medal Rewards

By getting gold medals it is possible to unlock extra levels and cheats.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
X 32 Gold MedalsAll weapons and ammo available
9 GoldsAncient Rome-Addressing the Senate
12 GoldsAncient Rome-Caesar's Sanctum
3 GoldsAncient Rome-Praetorian Camp
7 GoldsAncient Rome-The Forum of Trajan
5 GoldsAncient Rome-The Forum Romanum
18 GoldsFeudal China-The Gate of Supreme Harmony
15 GoldsFeudal China-The Silk Road
X 39 Gold MedalsGod/ invunerability mode
X 35 Gold MedalsInfinite ammo
26 GoldsLegendary Atlantis-The Corridors of Power
24 GoldsLegendary Atlantis-The Geothermal Tunnels
22 GoldsLegendary Atlantis-The Steam Tower
31 GoldsThe Gallery

Contributed By: stevesrevenge and Blood Maggot.