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Midway Arcade Treasures 2


MK2 Disable Throwing

During a 2 Player match up after you have picked your fighters, hold the buttons at match up screen until the Match begins. "Throw Disabled" will flash at the bottom of the screen.

Hold Down and Square on Both ControllersDisable Throwing

Contributed By: GameMasterZer0.

MK2 Slide Off Spikes

In the stage "Kombat Tomb" When it says, "Finish Him/Her!" Preform your characters Pit/Stage Move Fatality. Immediately hold the Down Button on both controllers. Your character will slide off the spikes.

Hold the Down Button on Both ControllersSlide of Spikes on Kombat Tomb Stage

Contributed By: GameMasterZer0.


MK3 Vs. Screen Codes

Enter these buton Combinations at the Mortal Kombat 3 Vs. Screen.

Player 1- X x6, R1x8, Cirlce x8 Player 2- X x4, R1x2, Circle x2Dark Kombat
Player 1- R1x2 Player 2- R1x2Disable Block
Player 1- X x9 , R1x8 , Circle x5 Player 2- X x1 , R1x2 , Circle x5Psycho Kombat
Player 1- X x1 Player 2- X x1Throw Disabled
Player 1- X x4 , R1x6 , Circle x6 Player 2- X x4 , R1x6 , Circle x6Unlimited Run

Contributed By: GameMasterZer0.


MK3 Ultimate Kombat Kode

After you beat Shao Khan you will come to the UKK screen
At the UKK Code Screen press the following
Controller 1: Square x1, R1 x9, Triangle x2
Controller 2: Square x2, X x2, R1 x2, O x3, Triangle x4

Shao Khan will say excellent.
The screen will start flashing through all the stages.
Now you will be at the Portal Stage with Smoke in the middle.
A message will say, "From now on, I will be at your disposal."
Look at the character select screen, and you shall see Smoke in the middle of the screen.

Contributed By: GameMasterZer0.

APB All Points Bulletin Cheats


Warp codes

When you start a game, enter one of these codes to warp ahead a bunch of levels.

Gas+Siren and startStart at level 1-16
Siren button and startStart at level 1-8

Contributed By: Saikyo Mog.

Mortal Kombat 3 Cheats

Ultimate EJB Menu

After the game has booted up, during the attract mode, quickly press the following sequence of buttons: P1 Block (5 times), P2 Block (10 times), P1 Block (3 times), P2 Block (1 times), P1 Block (2 times), P2 Block (2 times), P1 Block (3 times), P2 Block (3 times). If entered successfully, the Ultimate EJB Menu will appear.

Contributed By: belthegor.


UKK to unlock Smoke

When you get game over and the Ultimate Kombat Kode screen appears,enter the code 1-0-9-0-2-2-2-2-3-4.

Contributed By: bsd3200.

Vs Screen Passwords

At the VS screen, enter the following password:

Player 1: BL×2; Player 2: BL×2Blocking Disabled
Player 1: LP×6, BL×8, LK×8; Player 2: LP×4, BL×2, LK×2Dark Kombat
Player 1: LP×9, BL×8, LK×7; Player 1: LP×9, BL×8, LK×7Hold Flippers During Casino Run
Player 1: LP×2, BL×8, LK×2; Player 2: LP×2, BL×8, LK×2No Fear = EB Button, Skydive, Max Countdown
Player 1: LP×9, BL×8, LK×7; Player 2: LP×1, BL×2, LK×3No Powerbars
Player 1: BL×3, LK×3Player 1 Half Power
Player 1: LP×7, LK×7Player 1 Quarter Power
Player 2: BL×3, LK×3Player 2 Half Power
Player 2: LP×7, LK×7Player 2 Quarter Power
Player 1: LP×9, BL×8, LK×5; Player 2: LP×1, BL×2, LK×5Psycho Kombat
Player 1: LP×4, BL×6; Player 2: LP×4, BL×6RandPer Kombat
Player 1: LP×1, BL×2, LK×3; LP×9, BL×2, LK×6There Is No Knowledge That Is Not Power
Player 1: LP×1; Player 2: LP×1Throwing Disabled
Player 1: LP×4, BL×6, LK×6; Player 2: LP×4, BL×6, LK×6Unlimited Run
Player 1: LP×9, BL×6, LK×9; Player 2: LP×1, BL×4, LK×1Winner of This Round Battles Motaro
Player 1: LP×7, BL×6, LK×9; Player 2: LP×3, BL×4, LK×2Winner of This Round Battles Noob Saibot
Player 1: BL×3, LK×3; Player 2: LP×5, BL×6, LK×4Winner of This Round Battles Shao Kahn
Player 1: LP×2, LK×5; Player 2: LP×2, LK×5Winner of This Round Battles Smoke
Player 1: LP×6, BL×4, LK×2; Player 2: LP×4, BL×6, LK×8You Are Entering the Land of Rellim

Contributed By: jh51681.

Easter Eggs


When playing as Sub-Zero, freeze your opponent while their health is in Danger and Dan Forden will pop out to say 'Frosty!'

Contributed By: GeminiEntity.


Random Select

At the Select Your Fighter screen, hold Up and press Start to have the machine choose a random fighter for you.

Contributed By: jh51681.

Mortal Kombat II Cheats


Access the operator test menu without opening the coin door

To access the operator test menu without opening the coin door, enter the button combination to access the hidden EJB menu. When successful, select Diagnostic Tests and perform a CPU Board test. During this test, when prompted, hold either start button to cancel the test. Now back out of the diagnostics menu and you will now be in the main operator menu. Now you can change game settings and coin settings without opening the coin door.

Contributed By: noidentity.

No Throws option

If you are playing against a human opponent. You have the option of no throws. To do this Hold D+HP on both joysticks before the match begins. If successful it will say ''Throwing Disabled.''

D+HPNO Throws (Throwing Disabled) Works in 2 Player only.

Contributed By: rentoon.

Secret EJB Menu

After the game has booted up, during the attract mode, quickly press the following sequence of buttons: P1 Block (5 times), P2 Block (10 times), P1 Block (2 times), P2 Block (8 times), P1 Block (2 times). If entered successfully, the secret EJB Menu will appear.

Contributed By: belthegor.

Easter Eggs

Oh Wow!

After performing a Stage Fatality on 'The Dead Pool Stage', you can hold Down and Block to hear Dan Forden say 'Oh Wow!'.

Contributed By: GeminiEntity.

Play pong

To play pong, you must keep playing until you reach the 250th battle. When the battle is about to begin, you'll receive a message that you will enter another dimension. Afterwards, a Pong screen will appear. Whoever earn 7 points will able to continue the game.

Contributed By: Ominae.


Fight Jade

When you are at the match that is right before the '?' on the match chart, you can fight Jade if the following steps are taken. One of the rounds must be won using only Low Kicks and the Directional Pad. The other round can be won normally. Once you meet all those requirements, you will fight Jade at 'Goro's Lair'.

Contributed By: GeminiEntity.

Fight Noob Saibot

When in a 2 player game, you can fight Noob Saibot if the following steps are taken. 50 matches must be won in a row. All of those 50 matches must be won in 2 player mode. Once you meet all these requirements, you will fight Noob Saibot at 'Goro's Lair'.

Contributed By: GeminiEntity.

Fight Smoke

When fighting on 'The Portal Stage' in a 1 or 2 player game, you can fight Smoke if the following steps are taken. Dan Forden must appear at the bottom of the screen and yell 'Toasty!'. Down and Start must be held at the same time right after you see Dan Forden. Once you meet all these requirements, you will fight Smoke at 'Goro's Lair'.

Notes - Dan Forden will only appear after an uppercut. His appearance after an uppercut is random though.

Contributed By: GeminiEntity.

Make opponent slide off the spikes

On the kombat tomb stage (the one with spikes all over the ceiling) when it's time to finish the opponent, do your character's stage fatality command, then as soon as the "du du duuuu" music starts, hold DOWN on player 1 and player 2's joystick until the opponent starts to slide off the spikes.

Contributed By: Rugal.

Primal Rage Cheats


Alternate Colors

In the character screen hold start and press Quick High for the original,Fierce High for the second color,Quick low for the third color,and Fierce low for the fourth color.

Contributed By: Ajr2K5.

Easter Eggs


Both players must choose Armadon. Do the Spinning Death move and collide in mid-spin three times in a row. A bowling game will pop up.

Contributed By: Baseman.

Rampage World Tour Cheats


Iron Stomach

This code is only available each time you return to a US City after taking a World Tour. This allows all food to be digestable. It also means that normal items that would make one of the monsters puke before, will now restore some health like normal food.

Hold Down and press Jump button 3 timesGeorge
Hold Down and press Punch button 3 timesLizzy
Hold Down and press Kick button 3 timesRalph

Contributed By: The Tiger Guard.

Triple score for health power ups

Enter the code for the respective character after the jumbo jet ride before the world tour begins

Press and Hold Up, then press Jump, Jump, JumpGeorge
Press and Hold Up, then press Punch, Punch, PunchLizzy
Press and Hold Up, then press Kick, Kick, KickRalph

Contributed By: whoisthisgit.

Total Carnage Cheats



Enter these passwords on the 'red and white' warp at the beginning of the first mission.

DOMEMisc: Akhboob escaped and lacking keys
WORMMisc: Caught Akhboob but lacking keys
SHOKMisc: Electric chair
AZAZMisc: Warp to Pleasure Dome with 500 keys
ZULUMission 1: Bunker (heading Checkpoint #2)
ORCSMission 1: Bunker (heading Checkpoint #2)
GOOBMission 1: Gate (heading Checkpoint #1)
LICKMission 2: Airfield (heading Checkpoint #5)
LIPSMission 2: Airport gate (heading Checkpoint #4)
FIREMission 2: Hangar
ROADMission 2: Road one (heading Checkpoint #3)
FOODMission 2: Road two (heading Checkpoint #6)
TOIDMission 3: Factory (heading Checkpoint #7)
EATSMission 3: Monster Cutscene
BOOFMission 3: Reactor
MARKMission 3: Reactor basement (heading Checkpoint #10)

Contributed By: Saikyo Mog.