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Battlefield 2: Modern Combat


Get more Weapons

Push and hold R2+L2 while on a mission and then enter the following code

right, right, down, up, left, leftget more weapons

Contributed By: anarcho_selmiak.


Equipment Upgrades

Earning stars unlocks weapon and equipment upgrades to use during the single-player game.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
133105mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 150)
133120mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 150)
133125mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 150)
13323mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 3,000)
13325mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 3,000)
13330mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 750)
13340mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 3,000)
17170mm Rocket (Increased Ammo 150)
13390mm Cannon (Increased Ammo 150)
171Antitank Missle (Increased Ammo 75)
032Assault Rifle (45-Round Clip)
253Assault Rifle (Armor-Peiercing Bullets)
082Assault Rifle (Increased Ammo 225)
152Assault Rifle (Increased Zoon)
158Auto-Injector (Increased Ammo 5)
089Blowtorch (Increased Ammo 1,500)
101C4 Explosive (Increased Ammo 6)
183Forward Observer (Extended Target Length)
120Forward Observer (Increased Ammo 6)
196Frag Gernade (Increased Ammo 5)
063Gernade Launcher (Increased Ammo 5)
108Gernade Launcher (Increased Ammo 90)
247Laser Target Designator (Bunker Buster Splash Damage)
234Laser Target Designator (Increased Zoom)
202Laster Target Designator (Increased Ammo 2)
215Locking Missle (Increased Ammo 6)
038Machine Gun (150-Round Clip)
266Machine Gun (Armor-Piercing Bullets)
057Machine Gun (Increased Ammo 1500-3000)
139Machine Gun (Increased Ammo 300)
177Mine (Increased Ammo 5)
259Mortar Strike (Carpet Bomb)
209Mortar Strike (Increased Ammo 2)
006Pistol (23-Round Clip)
025Pistol (Increased Ammo 45)
228Rocket Launcher (Homing Missle)
019Rocket Launcher (Increased Ammo 8)
076Rocket Launcher (Increased Zoom)
051Shotgun (12-Round Clip)
114Shotgun (Increased Ammo 48)
145Smoke Gernade (Increased Ammo 5)
044Sniper Rifle (9-Round Clip)
221Sniper Rifle (Armor-Piercing Bullets)
095Sniper Rifle (Increased Ammo 15)
164Sniper Rifle (Increased Zoom)
190Stun Gernade (Increased Ammo 5)
013Sub-Machine Gun (45-Round Clip)
240Sub-Machine Gun (Armor-Piercing Bullets)
070Sub-Machine Gun (Increased Ammo 225)
126Sub-Machine Gun (Increased Zoom)

Contributed By: clutch88.

Easter Eggs

EA formation

Unlock the Frag Grenade weapon challenge, then successfully complete all rounds and kill all enemies through round ten. If every enemy is killed, you will go into round eleven. In this round, the soldiers move and create the shape of first an "E", then an "A" as a reference to EA Games.

Contributed By: xXx_Tosh_xXx.