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Heroes of the Pacific


Cheat Codes

All of these cheats are to be entered on the main selection menu.
WARNING! These cheats will disable auto-save and prevent you from saving your progress!

NB - RA commands mean right-analog stick!

L1, R2, L2, R3, R1, L3Cheat Menu
Circle, R2, L1, L2, dpad-left, dpad-upUnlock Japanese
RA-up, RA-down, RA-left, R2, L1, RA-rightUnlock planes and missions
L1, RA-left, R2, RA-right, dpad-right, dpad-downUpgrade planes

Contributed By: MattMarcSmith.


Ace Aircraft Unlocking

To unlock these aircraft, you must beat all the missions of the specified campaign on Ace difficulty. You do not have to beat the missions in order, but the aircraft is not awarded until you beat the final mission in the campaign on Ace, having already beaten the other missions on Ace. This may require you to beat the final mission in the campaign on Ace a second time.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Marshall Islands Campaign on AceFW-190A-8
Beat Midway Campaign on AceP-47D Thunderbolt
Beat Gilbert Islands Campaign on AceP-51A Mustang
Beat Marianas Campaign on AceP-61A Black Widow
Beat Philippines Campaign on AceP-80 Shooting Star
Beat Iwo Jima Campaign on AceP215-01 Top Secret
Beat Wake Campaign on AceSea Fire Mk.III
Beat Guadalcanal Campaign on AceTempest Mk.II
Beat Coral Sea Campaign on AceYak 3

Contributed By: tankboy.

Basic Aircraft Unlocking

The following aircraft can be unlocked by beating the specified mission on any difficulty level. You will not be able to fly Japanese aircraft in Campaign or Mission mode until you finish Campaign mode once.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Pearl Harbor: Suprise AttackA6M2 Zero, B5M1Kate
Beat Iwo Jima: KamikazesB-25G Mitchell
Beat Guadalcanal: StrikeB-26B Marauder, Ki-61-1A Tony
Beat Gilbert Islands: Million MenB6N1 Jill
Beat Philippines: Samar SeaD4Y2 Judy
Beat Wake: Combat Air PatrolF4F-3 Wildcat, F1M Pete
Beat Wake: Evacuate AdmiralF4U-1 Corsair, D3A1 Val
Beat Marianas: UsurperF6F-3 Hellcat
Beat Iwo Jima: LandingF8F Bearcat
Beat Wake: Wake UpG4M2 Betty
Beat Guadalcanal: Tokyo ExpressH8K Emily
Beat Iwo Jima: Raise the FlagJ7W Shinden, usage of Japanese aircraft in Campaign and Mission Modes
Beat Gilbert Islands: ReconKi-102A Randy
Beat Marianas: RevengeKi-84-1A Frank
Beat Philippines: Steal PrototypeMe262
Beat Midway: MikumaP-38D Lightning
Beat Coral Sea: Scratch One Flat TopPBY-5 Catalina
Beat Coral Sea: Torpedo PracticeSBD-2 Dauntless, A6M2-N Rufe
Beat Marshall Islands: Rescue PilotsTBD-1 Devestator, J7M2 Jack
Beat Midway: Defend MidwayTBF-1 Avenger

Contributed By: tankboy.

Historical Missions

These missions can be completed on any difficulty level to unlock the corresponding Historical Mission.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat Wake: Evacuate the AdmiralHistorical Mission 1
Beat Midway: Battle of MidwayHistorical Mission 2
Beat Guadalcanal: Backs Against the WallHistorical Mission 3
Beat Gilbert Islands: Million MenHistorical Mission 4
Beat Marianas: RevengeHistorical Mission 5

Contributed By: tankboy.