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Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith



At the options screen

NARSHADDAAAll bonus missions unlocked
AAYLASECURAAll concept art unlocked
TANTIVEIVAll duel arenas unlocked
ZABRAKAll duelists unlocked
JAINAAll Jedi powers and Force moves
COMLINKAll movie clips unlocked
BELSAVISFast regen of Force & Health
NATHAN GPink text
KORRIBANStory missions unlocked
SUPERSABERSSuper Sabre mode
071779Tiny droid mode
KAIBURRUnlimited Force
XUCPHRAUnlimited Health
021282Unlocks all bonuses

Contributed By: Drunky, Rayne13, and Aceace33333.


Safe Healing/Force Regeneration

Several areas of the game require you to open a door and enter into an area, at which point you'll be attacked by enemies. In some of these places, if you're health and/or force energies are low and need to be given time to recharge, simply stand back past the doorway to the previous room. Most of the time, the enemies cannot pass the room they are in, and will stand huddled in the doorway.

Also, using Saber Throws (Or, later in the game, when Anakin aquires Force Lightning) you'll actually be able to get to these safe spots and kill the enemies that are standing just outside the doorway. This is especially helpful during missions like the "Assassination on Mustafar", where you'll constantly find yourself fighting Brutes, Guards, and Battle Droids.

Contributed By: JCBaggee.


Unlock Duel Areana's and Bonus Missions

Complete the listed Missions to unlock the listed Duel Arenas or Bonus Missions:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete mission 17: "Revenge of the Sith"Bonus Mission: "Episode IV Death Star"
Complete mission 09: "Showdown with Grievous"Bonus Mission: "Grievous on the Run"
Complete mission 14: "Assassination on Mustafar"Bonus Mission: "Mustafar Lava Challenge"
Complete mission 15: "Aftermath in the Temple"Bonus Mission: "Size Matters Not"
Complete mission 08: "The Cavalry Arrives"Bonus Mission: "The General's Protectors"
Complete mission 17: "Revenge of the Sith"Episode IV Death Star
Complete mission 16: "A friendship in Flames"Mustafar Balcony
Complete mission 17: "Revenge of the Sith"Mustafar Control Arm
Complete mission 16: "A friendship in Flames"Mustafar Control Room
Complete mission 17: "Revenge of the Sith"Mustafar Lava Platform
Complete mission 10: "The Dark Side of the Force"Palpatine's Office
Complete mission 10: "The Dark Side of the Force"Palpatine's Office Docking Bay
Complete mission 12: "The Final Lesson"Temple Control Room
Complete mission 12: "The Final Lesson"Temple Outer Terrace
Complete mission 04: "Settling the Score"Throne Room Main Chamber
Complete mission 04: "Settling the Score"Throne Room Upper Balcony
Complete mission 09: "Showdown with Grievous"Utapau Sinkhole Control Room
Complete mission 09: "Showdown with Grievous"Utapau Sinkhole Landing Platform

Contributed By: DonkeyDood.

Unlockable Concept Art

Beat the missions below to unlock the concept art

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Mission 3Air Battle Droid
Complete Mission 10Anakin - Dark Side
Complete Mission 14Balconies
Complete Mission 13Battle in the City
Complete Mission 13Blaze Trooper 1
Complete Mission 13Blaze Trooper 2
Complete Mission 13Blaze Trooper 3
Complete Mission 6Bridge 1
Complete Mission 6Bridge 2
Complete Mission 6Bridge 3
Complete Mission 2Buzz Droid
Complete Mission 3Buzz Droid Generator
Complete Mission 14Cargo Elevator Shaft
Complete Mission 12Cin Drallig
Complete Mission 8Clone Arrival
Complete Mission 15Clone Assassin 1
Complete Mission 15Clone Assassin 2
Complete Mission 13Clone Gunner
Complete Mission 13Clone Juggernaut
Complete Mission 11Clone Manned Gun
Complete Mission 13Clone Sniper
Complete Mission 11Courtyard 1
Complete Mission 11Courtyard 2
Complete Mission 7Crab Droid
Complete Mission 2Generator Room
Complete Mission 2Grapple Droid
Complete Mission 2Grapple Droid - Blue
Complete Mission 7Grapple Droid - Red
Complete Mission 5Grenadier Droid
Complete Mission 6Grievous Bodyguard
Complete Mission 5Hallway 1
Complete Mission 5Hallway 2
Complete Mission 11Jedi - Group 1
Complete Mission 11Jedi - Group 2
Complete Mission 2Jedi Escape
Complete Mission 14Landing Platform
Complete Mission 9Landing Platform
Complete Mission 14Lava Facility 1
Complete Mission 14Lava Facility 2
Complete Mission 14Lava Refinement
Complete Mission 14Lava Spouts
Complete Mission 11Library
Complete Mission 14Neimoidian Brute 1
Complete Mission 14Neimoidian Brute 2
Complete Mission 10Palpatine's Office
Complete Mission 14Scrap Yard
Complete Mission 7Separatist Sphere
Complete Mission 12Serra Keto
Complete Mission 14Shuttle Battle
Complete Mission 13Skytrooper
Complete Mission 11Study Hall
Complete Mission 15Temple Entrance
Complete Mission 8The Battle Begins
Complete Mission 12Training Arena 1
Complete Mission 12Training Arena 2
Complete Mission 12Training Arena 3
Complete Mission 12Training Arena 4

Contributed By: lilobaggins.

Unlocking Characters for Versus

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete mission 17: "Revenge of the Sith"Ben Kenobi
Complete Mission 12Cin Drallig
Complete Mission 4Count Dooku
Complete Mission 17Darth Vader
Complete Mission 9General Grievous
Complete Mission 10Mace Windu
Complete Mission 12Serra Keto

Contributed By: Mynk and jeinduke.


Alternate Ending

Once you have completed the game, go back to mission #17, Revenge of the Sith. You will play as Anakin instead of Obi-Wan. If you defeat Obi-Wan you get to watch an alternate ending.

Contributed By: KeiChiTsuu.

Ben Kenobi Suicide

When in a duel select Ben Kenobi. In the duel press and hold block(L1), square and circle. He will bring his lightsaber up to his face like in episode IV. If you want to get killed you only have about a second to get hit. If you are hit the right way Ben will disappear (ala A New Hope).If you are hit a different way like a grapple you just die. It is really cool if you play in the death star arena and your opponent is Darth Vader

Contributed By: zer0_96.