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Spyro: A Hero's Tail


Alternate Ending

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect all the Dark Gems, Light Gems, and Dragon EggsAlternate Ending

Contributed By: daxterx2005.

Spyro's new features

Go to the extras menu, then enter the unlockables menu and select one of the options after collecting a specific set of dragon eggs.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
collect set 2 of dragon eggsCharacter viewer
collect set 1 of dragon eggsConcept art
collect set 3 of dragon eggsPlay as Ember
collect set 4 of dragon eggsPlay as Flame
collect set 8 of dragon eggsPlay Blink mini-games
collect set 5 of dragon eggsPlay Sgt. Bird mini-games
collect set 7 of dragon eggsPlay Sparx shooter mini-games
collect set 6 of dragon eggsPlay Spyro turret mini-games

Contributed By: cheetoz.


Easy way to avoid lightbeams when fighting Ineptune

When Ineptune submerges under the green murky water, light beams appear that you must just to avoid. The first time (3 hits) it will be one beam, but the next two times (4-9 hits) she will send two beams up to hit you. Instead of jumping over the beams and having the chance to miss, simply jump onto the platform that the beams are coming out of and they will completely miss you. Make sure though that if you do this, you jump off when you see the beam dissapear, or you will fall into the green mucky water and die.

Contributed By: joey525j.