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Vietcong: Purple Haze

The Ranking

53.07% Overall Rank: 16384
PlayStation 2 Rank: 1403
2004 Games Rank: 16356
2004 PlayStation 2 Rank: 1403
Score based on 15 reviews


Vietcong: Purple Haze contains all missions and multiplayer modes from the original Vietcong and its expansion pack, Fist Alpha. Now you can penetrate deeper into the deadly jungles of Vietnam to fight Vietcong guerillas and the North Vietnamese Army as they work their ways into Cambodia. In addition to pushing back the VC charge, you must gather intelligence on secret weapons factories hidden deep below ancient temples, safely return downed US fighter pilots back to base, and avoid and disarm lethal booby traps. You can fight with all-new weapons, call in an air strike, and jump in a Huey to unload several thousand rounds behind a mounted M60.
Release Date: September 15, 2004

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Latest Reviews

PSM3 Magazine UK 10/01/05 Review 71 out of 100
Official Playstation Magazine 01/01/05 Review 1.5 out of 5
Silicon Fusion 11/03/04 Review 6 out of 10
PSM Magazine 12/25/04 Review 5 out of 10
EGM 12/25/04 Review n/a
AceGamez 11/12/04 Review 6 out of 10
Game Informer 12/01/04 Review 5 out of 10
Playstation 2 Mag UK 11/01/04 Review 6 out of 10
PSW Magazine UK 11/01/04 Review 4 out of 10
Game Vortex 10/27/04 Review 83 out of 100