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Alien Hominid


Unlock everything

To unlock all minigames, levels and hats, simply set the player 1 name to "ROYGBIV".

Contributed By: Quolnok.

Unlock Misc. Hats

To unlock these hats, enter the following names as the player name.

meltyacid shot powerup
grrlUnlock Hat #11
abeUnlock Hat #12
cletusUnlock Hat #4
aprilUnlock Hat #5
superflyUnlock Hat #7
goodmanUnlock Hat #8
tomfulpUnlock Tom Fulp Hair Hat
princessunlocks hat 13
dandyunlocks hat 14

Contributed By: OTACON120, mattnd2007, Magic1492, and Packing Heat.


All Hats

Here is a list of all hats in menu order and the tasks that unlock them:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
On hard, jump off the spaceship before the screen fades after beating the final boss02. Brown Hair (male)
In 2-5, kill 7 birds03. Brown Hat
Beat 1-204. Blond Wig/Pearls
Beat 1-305. Brown Wig/Pearls
Beat 1-506. Black Afro
In 1-4 destroy "fish are like plants" building07. Jheri Curl
Beat 1-408. Red Bandana
Beat 1-1 with gore off10. Crown of Flowers
Beat 1-1 with gore off11. Stove Pipe Hat
Beat 2-313. Daisy-petal hat
In 3-5, get to final boss (don't have to win)15. Nurse Cap
Beat 1-316. Chef Hat
In 1-3 destroy "Castle of Crap" building17. Conical purple hat
Beat 2-121. KGB Agent hat
In 1-4 destroy the Behemoth-logo building24. Rooster Hat
In 2-4 dig/suffocate before riding snowmobile26. Yellow Shark Fin
Beat 2-227. Conical brown hat
Beat 2-228. Ears
In 1-4 beat the helicopter without losing tank (you still lose the take when the helicopter crashes down)29. Goggles
Beat 3-130. Black and White hat

Contributed By: The Whyte Fox.

Super Soviet Missile Master mini-game

Complete level 1-5 and the Super Soviet Missile Master mini-game will be unlocked after the intermission sequence.

Contributed By: Hydra_Kirby.

Unlocking Goggles

To get the goggles you must first get to level 1-4. When you get the tank advance keep going until you find and Destroy the helicopter, without losing the tank. A horn will then go off if done correctly, which is a sign that means you got the goggles.

Contributed By: Hydra_Kirby.

Unlocking Head Gear.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get to level 3-1.Area 51 Hat
Beat the final boss using hard difficulty.Blond Hair
Beat Level 2-2 using hard difficulty.Diamond Tierra
Beat Level 3-4 using hard difficulty.Jouster Hat
Destroy the Hairy Nanny Daycare building.Pirate Hat
Beat Level 3-2 using hard difficulty.Private Eye Hat
Get to level 2-1.Soviet Union Hat

Contributed By: Hydra_Kirby and Lies_and_Truth.