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Atari Anthology


Unlock all game modes immediately

Hold down on the D-pad, X, and Triangle while pressing start at the title screen.

Hold D-pad Left, X, and Triangle, then press StartUnlocks all game modes

Contributed By: Mingy Jongo.


Unlock all of a 2600 game's challenges

Score the required amount of points for each ARCADE game's challenge to unlock all of a 2600 game's challenges

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Pong - Trippy (exceed oppenent by 6 points)3D Tic Tac Toe's challenges
Asteroids Deluxe - Double Speed (15,000 points)Adventure's challenges
Major Havoc - Hot Seat (60,000 points)Air-Sea Battle's challenges
Asteroids - Trippy (10,000 points)Asteroids' challenges
Liberator - Trippy (8,000 points)Atari Video Cube's challenges
Centipede - Time Warp (17,000 points)Backgammon's challenges
Battlezone - Time Warp (5,000 points)Battlezone's challenges
Red Baron - Double Speed (2,500 points)Black Jack's challenges
Major Havoc - Time Challenge (24,000 points)Bowling's challenges
Gravitar - Time Challenge (6,000 points)Breakout's challenges
Major Havoc - Double Speed (35,000 points)Canyon Bomber's challenges
Space Duel - Time Warp (10,000 points)Casino's challenges
Centipede - Hot Seat (30,000 points)Centipede's challenges
Pong - Time Warp (exceed oppenent by 1 point)Circus Atari's challenges
Red Baron - Time Challenge (1,400 points)Combat's challenges
Crystal Castles - Trippy (10,000 points)Crystal Castles' challenges
Space Duel - Hot Seat (20,000 points)Demons to Diamonds' challenges
Asteroids - Hot Seat (20,000 points)Desert Falcon's challenges
Asteroids Deluxe - Trippy (15,000 points)Dodge 'em's challenges
Millipede - Hot Seat (35,000 points)Double Dunk's challenges
Battlezone - Double Speed (5,000 points)Flag Capture's challenges
Missile Command - Trippy (10,000 points)Football's challenges
Lunar Lander - Double Speed (400 points)Fun with Numbers' challenges
Pong - Double Speed (exceed oppenent by 3 points)Golf's challenges
Gravitar - Double Speed (10,000 points)Gravitar's challenges
Gravitar - Hot Seat (10,000 points)Hangman's challenges
Lunar Lander - Time Challenge (100 points)Haunted House's challenges
Red Baron - Time Warp (2,000 points)Home Run's challenges
Black Widow - Time Warp (20,000 points)Human Cannonball's challenges
Major Havoc - Time Warp (30,000 points)Math Gran Prix's challenges
Millipede - Time Challenge (15,000 points)Maze Craze's challenges
Millipede - Trippy (30,000 points)Millipede's challenges
Space Duel - Time Challenge (6,000 points)Miniature Golf's challenges
Missile Command - Double Speed (7,500 points)Missile Command's challenges
Missile Command - Time Challenge (2,500 points)Night Driver's challenges
Centipede - Time Challenge (18,000 points)Off-the-Wall's challenges
Crystal Castles - Hot Seat (15,000 points)Outlaw's challenges
Tempest - Hot Seat (10,000 points)Quadrun's challenges
Gravitar - Trippy (15,000 points)Radar Lock's challenges
Warlords - Double Speed (800 points)RealSports Baseball's challenges
Tempest - Trippy (7,500 points)RealSports Football's challenges
Battlezone - Trippy (10,000 points)RealSports Tennis' challenges
Super Breakout - Hot Seat (70 points)RealSports Volleyball's challenges
Liberator - Double Speed (7,000 points)Skydiver's challenges
Super Breakout - Time Challenge (45 points)Slot Machine's challenges
Warlords - Trippy (1,000 points)Slot Racers' challenges
Pong - Hot Seat (50 points)Space War's challenges
Asteroids - Time Warp (10,000 points)Sprintmaster's challenges
Black Widow - Trippy (30,000 points)Star Raiders' challenges
Centipede - Double Speed (20,000 points)Star Ship's challenges
Asteroids Deluxe - Time Challenge (11,000 points)Steeplechase's challenges
Crystal Castles - Time Warp (15,000 points)Stellar Trek's challenges
Battlezone - Hot Seat (50,000 points)Street Racer's challenges
Lunar Lander - Time Warp (200 points)Submarine Commander's challenges
Asteroids - Time Challenge (8,000 points)Super Baseball's challenges
Super Breakout - Trippy (60 points)Super Breakout's challenges
Asteroids Deluxe - Hot Seat (35,000 points)Super Football's challenges
Missile Command - Hot Seat (15,000 points)Surround's challenges
Black Widow - Time Challenge (10,000 points)Swordquest: EarthWorld's challenges
Liberator - Time Warp (5,000 points)Swordquest: FireWorld's challenges
Lunar Lander - Trippy (300 points)Swordquest: WaterWorld's challenges
Millipede - Time Warp (40,000 points)Video Checkers' challenges
Crystal Castles - Time Challenge (13,000 points)Video Chess' challenges
Black Widow - Double Speed (25,000 points)Video Olympics' challenges
Liberator - Hot Seat (8,000 points)Video Pinball's challenges
Warlords - Time Warp (700 points)Warlords' challenges
Tempest - Double Speed (6,000 points)Yars' Revenge's challenges

Contributed By: Crazy AJ.

Adventure Cheats

Easter Eggs

View Credits

On game two or three, go to the maze in the Black Castle. One screen left of the first maze screen will flicker if you carry an object in there meaning one thing, there's ANOTHER object in there. At the bottom center of this room is a closed off cubicle, use the bridge to get in there and you should pick up a ''dot''. Carry this to the screen just above the catacombs (one screen down and to the right of the Gold Castle) and be careful not to lose it as it's the same color as the outside ground. Drop it there and bring two other items onto the screen, run right through the line on the right side of the screen and witness the first ever Easter Egg.

Contributed By: Dogg.

Walk Over the Title Screen

Start playing the game, then push Select on the Atari 2600 console in order to see the game selection screen. Press Down to make your character move over the screen.

Contributed By: Retro.


Slow Down the Music

When you finish Adventure, press Select.

Contributed By: matt91486.

Adventures of Major Havoc Cheats


Warp to higher levels

Enter the codes in the breakout type game in the bottom right corner.

315Warp to Level 13
824Warp to Level 9

Contributed By: GreekGuy9999.


Colour Warps

At the information screen that has the mini breakout game at the bottom right that is displayed before each level, a prompt on the bottom displaying <colour> warp and a series of zeros. Move left or right to change the highlighted number to what you want and press the fire/jump button to set for level warps. They vary (from what I know) as Red, Yellow, Green, Aqua Warps and are displayed at the top of the same screen when you beat certain levels.

Red Warp - 23Warp to level 4.
Yellow Warp - 46Warp to level 9.

Contributed By: Sparferru.

Asteroids Cheats



To become invincible, fly your ship to the bottom-right area of the screen behind the score board. If you stay behind the score-board, you will never get hit and be able to shoot at enemies.

Contributed By: Interrobang.

Breakout Cheats


Unlimited Balls

Choose any of the ''catch'' games and begin game play. Catch your last ball, press Select, then release the ball. Game play will continue in demonstration mode, with unlimited balls but no points scored.

Contributed By: insannescorp55.

Canyon Bomber Cheats

Control the game with the joysticks

Even though Canyon Bomber utilizes the paddle controllers, you can use the joysticks to control the ''Land Bomber'' games. Just press Left to shoot with the red planes, and Right to shoot with the yellow planes.

Contributed By: Retro.

Casino Cheats


Easy Win

While playing the game, press Left + Button, and RightEasy Win

Contributed By: Retro.

Combat Cheats

Turbo Tank

Plug in the paddle controllers. Now, press both buttons, and your tank will speed upTurbo Tank

Contributed By: Retro.


Flying tanks

Select game 9 and start the game like normal. Rotate the tank on the left 180 degrees and fire. If done correctly, the shot will bounce around the screen and hit the right tank. Both tanks should fly approximately three screens to the left before stopping.

Contributed By: Meweight.

Glitch: Super Shot

Keep a hold of Reset on the console and the fire button on the joystick to make your tank shoot to the other side of the screen.

Contributed By: Retro.

Glitch: Tank Switch

Select game 9 and start the game like normal. Then rotate the tank that is on the right 180º, then fire. If it's done correctly, both of the tanks should switch positions.

Contributed By: Retro.

Glitch: Teleporting Shot

Place your tank just to the right of the top left corner and fire into that corner. The shot will leave the screen and re-appear from the top right corner.

Contributed By: Vegetaman.

Desert Falcon Cheats

Easter Eggs

View Credits

Get a superpower and swim near the top of a lake to make the programmer's initials appear.

Contributed By: jh51681.

Missile Command Cheats


Glitch: Missiles that won't stop

Start a new game of Missile Command. While any number of missiles are falling, press Select on the Atari 2600 console. While you're cycling through the games, the missiles will keep falling until they hit something.

Contributed By: Retro.

Easter Eggs

Extra points

Fire three missiles at the top of the screen when the game starts, then press the Reset button before the missiles explode. You will score extra points when they do explode.

Contributed By: Meweight.

See the Programmer's Credit

Choose game 13 and let the missiles reach the cities. Use all of your missiles without scoring any points. The city on the right will turn into ''RF'', the initials of Missile Command's programmer, Rob Fulop.

Contributed By: Retro.

Video Olympics Cheats


Glitch: Make the ball go through the paddle in basketball

Go to any of the basketball games. While the ball is bouncing around, quickly move your paddle over the ball and keep hold of the button. If you catch the ball under the middle part of the paddle and keep hold of the button, the ball will bounce so fast that it will literally go right through your paddle.

Contributed By: Retro.

Video Pinball Cheats


Demonstration Mode

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Start a new game, shoot the ball, and then press Select.Demonstration Mode

Contributed By: Retro.


Manually control the ball

After you shoot the pinball, hold the button and move the joystick around in any direction. You will have some control over where the pinball goes.

Contributed By: Retro.

Yars' Revenge Cheats

Easter Eggs

See the programmer's credit

Defeat the Swirl in mid-air, then move Yar over to a place where the spot on its back is aligned vertically along with the black streak.

The initials ''HSWWSH'' should appear on the screen to represent programmer Howard Scott Warshaw.

Contributed By: Retro.