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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition


Unlock Entree and Dessert dishes

Cook 20-25 dishes and the Entree and Dessert options will be unlocked. You can cook any type of dish, but you must have cooked 20-25 separate dishes.

Contributed By: Chaos Control.

Unlock Records

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Become Sebastian's friend and enter his room'Town Spirit' record
Beat Kassey and Patrick at the Territory Capture game a combined total of 10 times."64 Memories" record
Befriend Marlin and speak to him when he visits the waterfall."Butterfly" record
Befriend Rock and speak to him when he is in his room at the Inn."Flowerbud Fall" record
Befriend Mukumuku and it will give you the record."Joy of Fall" record
Befriend Griffin and speak to him when he is alone in his room in the Blue Bar."Marine Jazz" record
Befriend Carter and speak to him when he is at the beach."Summer Memories" record
Befriend Chris and speak to her when she is at home."The Bride" record
In Chapter 2 or later, befriend Kate and speak to her when she is in her room."Winter HM" record

Contributed By: Chaos Control and BannedAccount.


Get Pets

Cat: Make friends with Romana, and during the fall season of the second chapter, wake up after your wife. Romana will give you a cat.
Duck: Purchase a pond from Takakura and, during the summer season of chapter two, wake up after your wife.
Goat: Van sells goats when his shop is open during the spring season.

Contributed By: demonfaxmacine.

Water multiple crops

There are two ways to water multiple crops:
First is to get tartan in the second chapter and create the RC8, when the crop grow into a sprout, water it and it will water every crops around it too.
Second is easier, befriend with Romana by giving her gifts (don't give her gifts when she is sitting or she won't accept it). After you befriend her go to her room while she is in there and she will give you the Watering Can W - water 9 crops at the same time.

Contributed By: xsuPZ.