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Cheat codes

Hold L1 and R1 and then enter the code during game play.

Press L3,R3,L3,R2,CIRCLE,R2All power upgrades
Circle ,Circle ,Triangle ,R2 ,L3 ,TriangleAll Psi Powers
R2, X, L3, R2, R2, CircleDifferent text. (This changes text to symbols and numbers, changes character's name to a developers name, and puts captions for the dialogue)
R3, X, L3, L3, Triangle, CircleFull ammunition
Press X,R3,R3,R2,TRIANGLE,SQUAREFull arrowheads
Press L3,R2,R2,CIRCLE,X,R3Full lives
Press R3,CIRCLE,R2,R2,L3,TRIANGLEGlobal items

Contributed By: Ecstacy2003, TheCheatingKing, and Acquire.


'Making Of' Reels

Sort all emotional baggages in any mind to unlock the character of the brain's 'making of' reel.

Contributed By: red soul.

Bonus Movie

In order to reach rank 100 you will need to collect all scavenger hunt items , psi-orbs , psi-cards , cobwebs, figments and emotional baggage.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Obtain Psi Cadet Rank 100Bonus Movie

Contributed By: MaJJaL.

Easter Eggs

Game developer easter egg

When inside Linda's head, go to the end part where the skyscrapers are. Go to the last one on the far left and climb up it until your right above the fifth row of windows. Force the camera to the right until the mountain is in the way. There is a picture of a girl there. The girl is the girlfriend of one of the games developers.

Contributed By: grievousdude101.

Secret Message

After achieving the highest rank possible (i.e. after getting EVERYTHING), in The Collective Unconscious, there'll now be a line of text flying around saying, "All levels 100% completed, congratulations Psychomaster!"

Contributed By: homegirl2180.