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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown


Cheat Codes

Pause the game and go to Cheat Codes. Enter the following button and you'll get a message confirming they work!

Up, Right, Left, Up, Down, DownGod Mode
Left, Down, Up, Up, Right, LeftTeam God Mode

Contributed By: GameMasterZer0.



The following can be purchased from the 'Special Features' menu.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
80 Intel Points90TR
Cost 10 Intel PointsART: Part I
Cost 10 Intel PointsART: Part II
Cost 10 Intel PointsART: Part III
Cost 10 Intel PointsART: Part IV
70 Intel PointsAS 12
60 Intel PointsAS9
Cost 650 Intel PointsCHEAT: Increased Force
Cost 550 Intel PointsCHEAT: Invisibility
Cost 600 Intel PointsCHEAT: Once Shot Kill
Cost 550 Intel PointsCHEAT: Unlimited Ammo
Cost 550 Intel PointsCHEAT: Unlimited Items
450 Intel PointsFaster Movement
400 Intel PointsGhost Mode
400 Intel PointsGhost Mode
100 Intel PointsGL69A
550 Intel PointsIncreased Force
550 Intel PointsInvisbility
80 Intel PointsM249SPW
40 Intel PointsMP7SD
70 Intel PointsMTAR-21
550 Intel PointsOne shot kills
30 Intel PointsSPS 15
60 Intel PointsSR-4 CQB (M-16 with Shotgun)
60 Intel PointsU100MK3
50 Intel PointsUM9
450 Intel PointsUnlimited Ammo
450 Intel PointsUnlimited Items

Contributed By: Jay FNG Philbrook and Tarsoin.