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Shadow Hearts: From the New World


Alternate Endings

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Don't master all of the fetish statuesThe Bad Ending
Master all of the 16 fetish statuesThe Good Ending

Contributed By: DanOmega.

New Game+

Complete the game and save. Load this clear game data and you will start a new game with many of your previous things like cards, fusions, enemies in library, etc...

Contributed By: red soul.

Theater Mode

Complete the game once to unlock theater, which gives you the chance to see all the cutscenes.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the Game Once.Theater Mode

Contributed By: red soul.


Unlock Purgatory

To unlock the secret dungeon Purgatory have every single enemy besides the ones in Purgatory Snapped. Then head to Chicago and speak to the Snap Master there. He will give you a Item. Go to where you get Johnny's Awaker form(Saying this to avoid spoilers). Enter the room with the fireplace and inside here examine the emblem above the fireplace to be warped to Purgatory.

Contributed By: Calamity.