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Tony Hawk's American Wasteland



From the main menu, go to the options menu and select Cheat Codes. Enter the cheats exactly as spelled. After entering the cheat codes, toggle the cheats from the Game Options menu during gameplay.

uronfireAlways Special
2them00nMoon Gravity
grindXpertPerfect grind balance
2wheels!Perfect manual balance
h!tchar!dePerfect skitch balance

Contributed By: GeorgeTHPS and deadmonkey313.

Unlockable Skaters

Enter this code on the cheat code screen in the options menu-

the_condorUnlock Mat Hoffman
sirius-DJUnlocks Jason Ellis

Contributed By: cam12380 and RunAwayFromMe.


BMX Ultimate Combo

First, go to Beverly Hills. Pick up a BMX and head over to where the red ropes are. While on the BMX, face traffic. When you see a Jeep coming towards you, jump on it. It will stop immediately. While on the Jeep, jump up. You will be floating in mid-air. So, while in this position, pull off any trick for as long as you want. Any combination of tricks will work.

WARNING: If you use the LEFT Analog stick while in this glitch, you will fall and lose your combo.

Contributed By: wl_byrd.


Movies and Skaters

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect all gaps in every levelAlways Special
Beat Story mode on any settingAmerican Wasteland
finish all the pieces in the skate ranchBarber
Beat Classic mode on NormalBillie Joe, Boone
finish classic mode ChicagoBilly Joe Armstrong (Green Day)
finish classic mode ChicagoBoone
finish all the pieces in the skate ranchFrenchman (the one in story mode)
Beat Story mode on SickJimbo, Murphy, Mega
Beat Story mode on NormalLil' John, Iggy, Jason Ellis
Beat Classic mode on SickMatt Hoffman, Useless Dave
Collect all gaps in every levelMoon Gravity
Comlete 100% of Classic modeNeversoft Skates
Get all 43 Skate Ranch Pieces and complete Skate Ranch MissionsPED Groub B: Barber, Carnival Worker, Dogtown Guy, French Man
Complete 100% of Story modePED Group A: Baller, Welder, Camera Guy, Cholo
Complete 100% of Classic ModePED Group C: Master Zen, Hard Hat Worker, Dogtown Guy 2, Graffiti Dude
Complete 100% of all GapsPED Group D: Oil Rig Worker, Police Man, Performer, Boone in Briefs
Collect all gaps in every levelPerfect Manual
Collect all gaps in every levelPerfect Rail
Collect all gaps in every levelPerfect Skitch
Beat Classic mode on any settingPro Bails 1
Complete 100% of Story modePro Bails 2
Beat Story mode on EasyRobo-Tony, Mindy

Contributed By: jerodcross, Rob_Sonic, RHINO0187, and kipp038crip.