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Bully Codes

Input these codes whilst playing using controller in second port , need 2nd controller.

all codes hold L1 whilst inputing codes except clothes one.

L1, L1, R1, L1, L1, L1, R1, R1All Clothes (Game slows down until another button is pressed)
hold L1 and press UP, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, X, XAll gym grapple moves (not shown in stats)
hold L1 and press UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, X, CIRCLEAll Hobo fighting moves (not shown in stats)
hold L1 and press R2, R2, R2Full Health (not kissing level)
hold L1 and press UP, UP, UP, UPHave All Weapons
hold L1 and press UP, DOWN, UP, DOWNInfinite Ammo Toggle
hold L1 and press TRIANGLE, SQUARE, CIRCLE, XMassive Money Gain
hold L1 and press UP, UPRefill Ammo to Max Capacity

Contributed By: HKSGTR.


Dodgeball Invincibility

During dodgeball, press L2 to bring up the help screen right before an opposing player has the ball. While the help screen is up, your players will be not be knocked out if they get hit. The ball should bounce harmlessly off your player, allowing you to pick it up and go on the offensive.

Contributed By: charyon.

Easy Defeat of Prefects/Cops

There is a glitch within Bully that allows you to hit a Cop or Prefect without them being able to get to you.

There is a wooden bridge across the entrance to Bullworth School. If you jump onto the hand rails of the bridge while the authorities are after you and shoot at them from there they can never get you. They try to grab but can't get you due to the glitch.

Contributed By: Darthvoorhees13.


Free Arcade Games

Get hi-scores in "Consumo", "Monkey Fling", "Nut Shots", and finish 1st in all the races in "Future Street Race 2165" and "Future Street Race 3D".

Contributed By: BlueEyesGR.

New fighting moves

You must find six different transistors, doesn't matter which one you find, but the order.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Find transistor 4 and bring to the hobo5 punch combo (square,square,square,square,square)
Find transistor 2 and bring to the hoboLeg Sweep (square, hold square)
Find transistor 6 and bring to the hoboOverhead punch ( square,square,square,square, hold square)
Find transistor 5 and bring to the hoboRoundhouse kick ( square,square,square,hold square)
Find transistor 3 and bring to the hoboSide Kick (square,square,hold square)
Find transistor 1 and bring to the hoboUppercut (hold square)

Contributed By: Bully129.

Unlock decorations for Jimmy's room

As you progress through the game, you'll notice that Jimmy's room in Bullworth will fill up with various items as you complete missions. Complete the following to unlock these decorations.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Finish level 4 Paper Route#1 Paper Boy Ribbon
Complete 'Racing the Vale'Aluminum Trophy
Finish class 5 ArtArtist's Set
Finish class 5 ShopBMX Frame
Finish mission 'Dishonorable Fight'Boxing Gloves
Complete 'Total Mayhem'Bullworth Golden Shield
Complete the mission 'The Gym Is Burning' in Chapter VBurned school banner
Complete 'Character Sheets'Character Sheets
Finish class 5 GymDodgeball
Complete Chapter IVFootball Jersey
Buy at Carnival for 10 TicketsGirlie Girl Poster
Complete 'Panty Raid'Girls Panties
Destroy all GnomesGnome
Complete Chapter IIIGreaser Jacket
Complete the mission 'Funhouse Fun' in Chapter IVGrim Reaper
Complete the mission 'That Bitch' in Chapter IPicture of Beatrice
Complete the mission 'The Tenements' in Chapter IIIPicture of Lola
Complete the mission 'Jealous Johnny' in Chapter IIIPicture of Lola kissing Gordo
Complete the mission 'Discretion Assured' in Chapter IVPicture of Mandy
Finish class 5 PhotographyPicture of Ms. Phillips
Complete the mission 'Carnival Date' in Chapter IIPicture of Pinky
Complete the mission 'Smash It Up' in Chapter VPicture of Zoe
Destroy all PumpkinsPumpkin
Complete the mission 'Rats In The Library' in Chapter VRat in a Jar
Buy at Carnival for 10 TicketsRock Band Poster
Complete Chapter IRussel's shirt
Complete the mission 'Carnival Date' in Chapter IITeddy Bear
Destroy all TombstonesTombstone
Finsh mission 'Beach Rumble'Trophy on windowsill
Complete 'The Campaign'V is for Victory Poster
Complete both part of the mission 'Busting In' in Chapter VVarious Chem Plant Signs
Complete the mission 'Weed Killer' in Chapter IIVenus Flytrip Head
Finish class 3 GymWrestling Headgear

Contributed By: mypantsaresobaggy, shyguy_01, dreDREb13, and chaoskingdom494.

Unlockable costumes/items in the game

Once you complete the requirements for the clothing, they're automatically thrown in your closet, in all your safehouses.

Final Cut (New Coventry) houses all of the punk-esque items in the game. Worn In (Bullworth Town) houses more beachy, sporty, and middle classy type clothing. Aquaberry in Bullworth Vale houses all the upper crust type clothing, although until Chapter 3 the only clothes you can get in there are the Aquaberry Sweater and Vest.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beat any bike race.Bike Helmet
Travel 100K on a bikeBike Shorts
Give a homeless guy some spare change in BullworthBlack Cowboy Hat
Fill up your yearbook completely.Black Ninja Outfit
Travel at least 50.00km on footBlack Skate Shoes
Finish Shop class 1.BMX - Basic
Finish Shop class 4.BMX - Blue
Finish Shop class 3.BMX - Green
Finish Shop class 5.BMX - Red
Finish Shop class 2.BMX - Retro
Complete one of the bike races.BMX Champion
Beat either 'Boxing Challenge' or 'Prep Challenge' in Chapter 2.Boxing Outfit
Finish Photography class 1.Camera - Black and White Camera and Small Photo Album
Finish Photography class 4.Camera - Colored Digital Camera
Finish Photography class 3.Camera - Large Photo Album
Finish Photography class 2.Camera - Yearbook
Finish mission 'The Eggs'Carton of Eggs in Jimmy's dorm
Pick it up in the school office, during winter.Cheerful Reindeer Sweater
Finish English class 4.Communication - Advanced Taunting
Finish English class 1.Communication - Basic Apologies
Finish English class 2.Communication - Improved Taunting
Finish English class 5.Communication - Police Apologies
Finish English class 3.Communication - Prefect and Teacher Apologies
Place 1st in the Kart Race at the CarnivalCrash Helmet
Fail three classes in a rowDunce Cap
Destroy 19/19 Tombstones during HalloweenEdna Mask
Complete the Burger Joint errand found in Bullworth Vale.Fast Food
Complete Chemistry 1Fire cracker in chem set
Pull the Fire Alarm 20 timesFirefighter's Helmet
Buy 100 Sodas.Free Soda From Soda Machines
Smash all garden gnomes.Gnome Costume
Beat all Go Kart races.Go Kart
Buy all clothing in the game.Gold Suit
Beat all fivel levels of all of your classes.Graduation Hat
Hit stuff with projectiles (eggs, etc.) 1000 times.Green Ninja Outfit
Collect all G&G cards.Grotto Master
Complete errand #21 (near City Hall)Incognito Hat
Beating the mission 'The Candidate' will open up the mission 'Halloween' which unlocks the costume.Jimmy's Skeleton Halloween costume
Complete 'Finding Johnny Vincent' in Chapter 5.Orderly Uniform
Beat up pirate on island near Beach House.Pirate Hat
Beat all the detention mini games at least once.Prison Uniform
Destroy all the 27 pumpkins during "Halloween Event" They are around the school and inside the main buildingPumpkin Head
During Halloween (must be done during Halloween) at Bullworth Academy, complete the Big Prank taskRed Ninja Outfit
Collect all 75 Rubber BandsRubber Band Ball
Run/Walk 40 KM ingameRunning Shorts
Beat 'Nice Outfit' in Chapter 4.School Mascot
Drink 500 SodasSoda Hat
Complete Chemistry 2Stink Bombs
At the Beach House location, find the Preppie with a blue mission on the beach and beat his swimming timeTiny Swimsuit
Obtain all collectablesViking Helmet
Found in a school locker after picking the lock.Werewolf Mask
Beat Gym 1.Wrestling Uniform
Finish Photography class 5.x2 Carnival Prize Tickets per Win

Contributed By: wratha, Knux58, hoochiebed36, Kyle_Varnell, TrialAndError, ZhangKhaiEn, shyguy_01, shlammy, nightshade_01, benmurphys, jokerster567, r0m3087, couchpotato019, Squeesnightmare, Pharlapse, TheMiracleSB, AleeN634, Shank5, mimmohphaun, and Dokujitsu.

Unlockable Girlfriends

Completing the following missions will unlock a certain girl to be your girlfriend (enabling you to kiss them, thus receiving a health bonus)

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the mission 'That Bitch' in Chapter IBeatrice as a girlfriend
Complete the mission 'The Tenements' in Chapter IIILola as a girlfriend
Complete the mission 'Discretion Assured' in Chapter IVMandy as a girlfriend
Complete the mission 'Carnival Date' in Chapter IIPinky as a girlfriend
Complete the mission 'Smash It Up' in Chapter VZoe as a girlfriend

Contributed By: mypantsaresobaggy.


You gain new Weapons when you complete certain Tasks.See it Below:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete the Nerds ChallengeBottle Rocket Launcher
Complete the Task "Hattrick vs Galloway"Camera
Complete the Class Photography 4Digital Camera
Complete the Class Chemistry 1Do FireCrackers in Your Chemical Kit
Complete the Class Chemistry 3Do Itching Powder in Your Chemical Kit
Complete the Class Chemistry 2Do Stink Bombs in Your Chemical Kit
Complete the Task "The Eggs"Eggs In Your Room
Complete the Task "Defend Bucky"Skate
Complete the Task "The Setup"Slingshot
Complete the Task "Tagging"Spray Can
Complete the Task "StrongHold Assault"SpudGun
Complete the Task "The Candidate"Super Slingshot

Contributed By: Blackbrunao.