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Guitar Hero

News Articles from GameSpot

How VR Could Revive the Rhythm Game Genre 10/29/16
Guitar Hero founders working on new fitness games 07/29/13
Guitar Hero co-creator secures $6 million for Android controller 12/04/12
ACMI Game Masters - Alex Rigopulos and Eran Egozy 07/01/12
Interview With Greg Lopiccolo From Harmonix 03/11/11
RedOctane closed by Activision? 02/12/10
Sports, music games exempt from ratings in latest UK bill 11/23/09
Guitar Hero TV show, Call of Duty movie under consideration - Report 05/08/09
Guitar Hero tops $2 billion, Activision Blizzard earns $981 million in Q1 05/07/09
Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero, DJ Hero confirmed for fall '09 05/07/09
Prince kissed off Guitar Hero deal 04/30/09
Activision trademarks 'Sing Hero' 03/11/09
Activision rocking out Van Halen, Band Hero, Guitar Hero 5 in '09? 03/06/09
Gibson Guitar Hero suit thrown out 03/02/09
Gibson encores patent suit to Rock Band 03/24/08
Gibson frets retailers with Guitar Hero patent suit 03/20/08
Gibson Xploring Guitar Hero patent infringement 03/12/08
Guitar Hero rocks out to the tune of $1 billion 01/22/08
Q&A: Morhaime on Activision-Blizzard union 12/02/07
Vivendi merges with Activision in $18.9B deal 12/02/07
Guitar Compatibility Charts 11/30/07
Analyst: Guitar Hero series to sell 7.5M in '07, two expansions coming 11/27/07
Activision Q2 earnings, Guitar Hero III launch break records 11/05/07
Guitar Hero Essentials on iTunes 10/23/07
Activision Q1 revs soar 163 percent 08/02/07
Library has Guitar Hero rocking the stacks 07/30/07
Harmonix donates to help fansite in need 05/24/07
Q&A: RedOctane's Kai Huang 04/16/07
Guitar Hero to rock mobiles 04/03/07
Activision settles suit against ex-employees 04/02/07
D.I.C.E. 07: Alex Rigopulos, Chris Taylor open kimonos in Vegas 02/09/07
Activision sues Guitar Hero developers 02/08/07
Q&A: RedOctane's Dusty Welch 01/19/07
Neversoft rocking Guitar Hero 01/17/07
Activision calls dibs on Guitar Villain, Drum Villain 01/17/07
Guitar Hero benches pro athlete 12/14/06
RedOctane trying to settle Guitar Hero suits 10/30/06
MTV to acquire Guitar Hero developer 09/22/06
TAC countersues over Guitar Hero controllers 09/21/06
RedOctane sues guitar manufacturer 09/19/06
BAFTA announces game-award noms 09/12/06
G.H.O.U.L-.ish Guitar Hero circuit formed 08/25/06
Quartet of Guitar Hero games in the works? 08/17/06
Guitar Hero headbangs out $100 million 08/10/06
G4 announces G-phoria winners, books Jack Thompson 08/10/06
Edinburgh goes interactive 08/07/06
New Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, and 007 coming in 2007-8 08/03/06
Konami trademarks 'Guitar Revolution' 07/10/06
Solo Guitar Hero controllers for UK 06/05/06
Guitar Heroes to play at UK festival 05/30/06
Edge announces Award nominees 05/18/06
Guitar Hero II creator plays UK 05/16/06
E3 06: Activision buys RedOctane 05/09/06
E3 06: Guitar Hero II E3 plans, song list revealed 05/04/06
Retail Radar: GameCube price drop on the way? 04/29/06
Get your song in Guitar Hero II 04/27/06
Deering plays with RedOctane 04/07/06
GDC 06: Music makes games go 'round 03/27/06
Colossus casts shadow over GDC Awards 03/22/06
TenSpot: Readers' Choice Top Ten Rhythm Games 03/18/06
Sumner fills CEO slot at RedOctane 03/02/06
D.I.C.E. Interactive Achievement Awards 02/13/06
God of War rolls D.I.C.E. 02/09/06
Guitar Hero takes stage on MTV 11/23/05
Guitar Hero set list unveiled 11/03/05
Guitar Hero Video Review 11/01/05
Guitar Hero Review: 9 / 10 11/01/05
Guitar Hero is solid gold 10/13/05
Guitar Hero Update - Shredding With a Near-Final Version 10/12/05
Guitar Hero Gameplay Movie 11 10/12/05
Guitar Hero Gameplay Movie 10 10/12/05
Guitar Hero Gameplay Movie 9 10/12/05
Guitar Hero Official Trailer 1 09/21/05
Gibson strings up Guitar Hero deal 09/01/05
Guitar Hero Gameplay Movie 8 07/28/05
G-Phoria draws crowd, gets games 07/28/05
Guitar Hero Updated Hands-On 07/28/05
Guitar Hero rocks out soundtrack 06/20/05
Guitar Hero Gameplay Movie 5 06/16/05
Guitar Hero Gameplay Movie 4 06/16/05
Guitar Hero Gameplay Movie 3 06/16/05
Guitar Hero E3 2005 Hands-On Impressions 05/24/05
Guitar Hero Gameplay Movie 2 05/24/05
Guitar Hero Gameplay Movie 1 05/24/05