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Suikoden V


The Raftfleet Glitch

Staying the night at the Raftfleet Inn after the "Intercepting Luger's Fleet" naval battle activates a glitch that takes you back to just before the battle begins, promptly making you go through the entire thing again. This is a good way to farm Flowing Pieces and Luck Rings, and can be done over and over using the same method mentioned before. To end the glitch and continue on with the story, simply exit Raftfleet immediately after the battle without staying at the Inn.

Contributed By: Vagabond Sausage.


Bath Scenes

Here is a list of character combinations that activate extra scenes when you bring them into the Bath in your HQ:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Josephine / Meroon / FaylenScene 01
Kisara /Lun / SubalaScene 02
Eresh / Leilei / ShunminScene 03
Zerase / Nikea / BernadetteScene 04
Lyon / Miakis / RoyScene 05
Flail / ByarkurenScene 06
Lu / Jeane / MarinaScene 07
Nifsara / Norma / LinfaScene 08
Lorelai / Viki / ZweigScene 09
Isabel / Nelis / SharmistaScene 10
Lyon / SialeedsScene 11
Maroon / Muroon / FaylonScene 12
Dinn / Isato / MatthiasScene 13
Kyle / GavayaScene 14
Roog / Nick / RaniaScene 15
Ernst / Ax / MoroonScene 16
Logg / RetsoScene 17
Levi / Wabon / BabbageScene 18
Alhazred / Ganoh / SairohScene 19
Zegai / Killey / GundeScene 20
Nakula / Raven / EgbertScene 21
Rahal / Lance / MohsenScene 22
Cathari / Hazuki / UrdaScene 23
Bergen / Sorensen / DongoScene 24
Georg / Richard / Yahr / TaylorScene 25
Shigure / SagiriScene 26
Galleon / Goesch / MuradScene 27
Cornelio / BaslanScene 28
Cius / HalethScene 29
Shoon / TakamuScene 30
Belcoot / ShinroScene 31

Contributed By: BreadSkin and triggerpmp.

New Game +

Once you complete the game, whether you collected all 108 Stars of Destiny or not, you will be prompted to save. Save it and the next time you want to start a new game, load this file and you will keep all your money from your first game, formations you collected, all of your Party SP(your characters won't keep their SP though), Epics that you collected, all of the items in your inventory and storage, and your Hero's name. You can also run faster by pressing either Triangle or L2.

Contributed By: KaoRiYuki.


Bad Ending

After Kyle joins your party at Rainwall, go upstairs to your room. When Lyon asks if you are ready for bed, say Yes. During the night you will have a conversation with Salum Barows. During the conversation, you will get three chances to respond to what he is saying. Choose the second option all three times. When Lyon interrupts, choose the second option for a final time. You will then be shown the bad ending and the game will end.

Contributed By: JasonRiveraV1.

Bad Ending #2

When you finally confront the Imposter Roy in his bandit cave hideout he will challenge you to a duel. Accept his challenge, then lose(Make sure you used the savepoint earlier so you can reload the game afterwards). You will see another bad ending to the game.

Contributed By: TheRedFear.

Bad Ending #3

If you lose any of the three battles against Zahak, Alenia, or Galleon during the three squad boss fight, you will receive the third bad ending.

Contributed By: Zersch.

Bad Ending #4

If you choose to guard the castle instead of fleeing under the cloak of night, you will enter a War battle. After this war, Childerich and Roy will have a duel. If Roy loses this duel, you will be treated to another bad ending.

Contributed By: Zersch.

Bad Ending #5

In Sun Palace near the end of the game you will have a duel against Gizel. Lose the duel and you will receive the fifth bad ending.

Contributed By: Zersch.