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Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria


Hard Mode

Finish the game to make any New Game playthroughs harder. The current difficult level is represented by crystals on the main screen. Every game clear adds one crystal, and 10 crystals will become a big one. The max is 5 big crystals (difficulty increased 50 times).

Contributed By: tri-Ace Fanboy.

Random BGM during battles

After you beat the game once,hold L2 while entering battle

Contributed By: chukintat.

Secret Dungeon

Save the game at the last save point to unlock the Seraphic Gate on the world map. This secret dungeon has new characters, items and powerful enemies to be found. Once you beat it you can enter it again and the enemies will have gotten even stronger!

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Save at the last save pointSeraphic Gate

Contributed By: tri-Ace Fanboy.

Unlockable Extra Characters

Characters unlocked in the Seraphic Gate (SG).

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Defeat Gabriel Celestia on floor 1 of the SGDylan
Defeat Freya on floor 4 of the SGFreya
Defeat Woden on floor 2 of the SGHrist
Defeat Woden on floor 2 of the SGLenneth
Defeat Gabriel Celestia on floor 1 of the SGLeone
Defeat Obsessed Ex on floor 3 of the SGLezard
Defeat Woden on floor 2 of the SGSilmeria
Defeat Ethereal Queen on floor five of the SGValkyrie

Contributed By: Belgaer.

Valkyrie Profile 1 Battle Music

In New Game + just hold L1 while entering a battle

Contributed By: Ultra Devil.