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CMT Presents: Karaoke Revolution Country



Playing in any difficulty and in either quickplay or the party modes.
Some Items may be gender specific.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Get 10 Platinum RecordsA-Line Skirt
Get 500,000 Total PointsAfro Hair, Cropped Pants, Armwarmers, Furry Boots
Get 5 Gold RecordsBrad Paisley - Celebrity
Get 20 Platinum RecordsCamos w/ Scarf
Get 8 Platinum RecordsDevil Girl Outfit
Get 17 Platinum RecordsDiamond Bracelet
Get 14 Platinum RecordsEnrique Character
Get 13 Platinum RecordsFlames Cowboy Hat
Get 1 Platinum RecordsFlatTop Cowboy Hat
Get 6 Platinum RecordsGarth Brooks - Friends in Low Places
Get 21 Platinum RecordsGlam jacket & Scarf, Vinyl Pants, X-Ray Specs
Get 9 Platinum RecordsGlam Tower Hair, Glam Tux & Scarf, Glam Stripes Pants, Creepers
Get 16 Platinum RecordsGym Shorts
Get 15 Gold RecordsHandlebar Moustache
Get 19 Platinum RecordsHi-Top Hair, Star Glasses, Funk Coat
Get 20 Gold RecordsJunior Character
Get 18 Platinum RecordsLiberty Spikes Hair, Punk Jacket, Plaid Shorts, Combat Boots, Racing Gloves
Get 12 Platinum RecordsLong Coat, Slacks, Motorcycle boots w/Socks
Get 23 Platinum RecordsMohawk Hair, Super Hi-Tops, Spiked Wristband
Get 750,000 Total PointsMonique Character
Get 7 Platinum RecordsOpen Shirt
Get 1,500,000 Total PointsRenaissance Outfit
Get 250,000 Total PointsRetro Cowgirl Outfit
Get 22 Platinum RecordsRocker Pants
Get 10 Gold RecordsRodeo Dude Outfit
Get 5 Platinum RecordsSlick Shades and Boots w/Spurs
Get 2,000,000 Total PointsSombrero Hat
Get 15 Platinum RecordsTrilby Hat
Get 4 Platinum RecordsTurquoise Cuff
Get 11 Platinum RecordsVelvet Supreme Outfit and Top Hat
Get 2 Platinum RecordsWestern Cowboy Outfit
Get 3 Platinum RecordsWestern Cowgirl Outfit

Contributed By: Nuts4Ford.