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Destroy All Humans! 2


PlayStation 2 Cheats

Pause the game and go to the Archives section of the menu and hold down L3, then enter the following

X, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Circle, Triangle, X(2)Salad Days with Pox & Crypto

Contributed By: Gunfire2468.


Arkvoodle Cult Unlockables

Complete various Arkvoodle Cult missions to unlock hidden items and a hidden weapon.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Successfully complete the final Arkvoodle Cult mission in Albion.Alien Artifact Detector
Successfully complete main missions and Odd Jobs to unlock more Arkvoodle Cult missions.Arkvoodle Cult missions
Successfully complete the final Arkvoodle Cult mission.Burrow Beast (Super Weapon)
Collect 30 Alien ArtifactsFinal Arkvoodle Cult mission (Takashima)
Successfully complete the final Arkvoodle Cult mission.Furotech Cell Detector
Start the last Arkvoodle Cult mission in Albion, then go back to Bay City.Last Bay City Arkvoodle Cult mission
Collect 40 alien artifactsSalad Days with Pox and Crypto

Contributed By: WurdMan and Number1YoshiFan.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Gene Blend: Crypto's BackCrypto's Back!
Complete Gene Blend: Natalya's SecretsDesperately Seeking Natalya
Complete Gene Blend: Furons A Go Go!Furons A Go Go!
Complete Gene Blend: The Swinging SixtiesIt's the Sixties
Complete Gene Blend: Oh the Humanity!Oh the Humanity!
Complete Gene Blend: Popular MechanicsPopular Mechanics
Complete Gene Blend: The Blisk FilesThe Martians...Err, Blisk are Coming!

Contributed By: InstantDeath.

The Swingin' Jukebox

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Complete Mission: 10Albion Disguised
Complete Mission: 10Albion Hunted
Complete Mission: 10Albion Undisguised
Complete Mission: 4Back In That Room
Complete Mission: 5Bay City Disguised
Complete Mission: 5Bay City Hunted
Complete Mission: 5Bay City Undisguised
Complete Mission: 19DAH2 Theme
Complete Mission: 21Dirty Red
Complete Mission: 9Down In the Valley
Complete Mission: 12Help You Ann
Complete Mission: 9Long Road
Complete Mission: 28Moon Base Solaris Disguised
Complete Mission: 28Moon Base Solaris Hunted
Complete Mission: 28Moon Base Solaris Undisguised
Complete Rage of Aquarius side missionPattern Skies
Complete Mission: 18Pier 13
Complete Mission: 3She Changes Like the Weather
Complete Mission: 16Takoshima Disguised
Complete Mission: 16Takoshima Hunted
Complete Mission: 16Takoshima Undisguised
Complete Mission: 22Tunguska Disguised
Complete Mission: 22Tunguska Hunted
Complete Mission: 22Tunguska Undisguised
Complete Mission: 18Turn It Off
Complete Rage of Aquarius side missionWhen You Touch Me

Contributed By: InstantDeath.

Unlock Movies

Collect alien artifacts to unlock these movies. (Press start and go to B-Movies to watch them).

UnlockableHow to Unlock
50 ArtifactsClosing movie animatic
Defeat the game to unlockFinishing movie
30 ArtifactsHappy mix intro movie
20 ArtifactsOpening movie animatic
10 ArtifactsRap party video
40 ArtifactsSalad day with Crypto and Pox

Contributed By: ScorpioArcher.