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SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab


Cheat Codes

Enter the following codes in the Cheats screen found in the Secrets menu:

ROCFISH30,000 Z' Coins
PILOTA costume change for SpongeBob in It Came from Bikini Bottom.
KRABBYA slimmer SpongeBob appears in Alaskan Belly Trouble.
TISSUEActive Sleepy Seed Detector
PORKPIEAll bonus game unlocked
PATRICKAlternate skin for Patrick
LASERDifferent Color Laser in Revenge of the Giant Plankton
SPINDifferent color to Patricks attack in Starfish-Man to the Rescue.
HOVERDifferent Hovercar type for Plankton in Hypnotic Highway
ROCKETDifferent Rocket type for Patrick in Hypnotic Highway
BRAINGet into SpongeBobs head in the Hypnotic Highway level.
GASSYInfinte Fuel on all flying levels
VIGORInfinte health on all platform levels
EMCSQRInfinte time on all driving levels
FLAMESNew effect for SpongeBobs car in the Diesel Dreaming level.
DUCKGUNNew gunshot for Spongebob in It Came From Bikini Bottom
BUNRUNPatrick's rocket colour changes to purple in Hypnotic Highway-Patrick
ROBOTPlankton is a robot in Revenge of the Giant Plankton Monster.
INVENTPlankton wears a new outfit in Super-Sized Patty.
SPONGEPlay as "Punk Spongebob" in the Diesel Dreaming level
PANTSPlay as "Spongebob Plankton" in the Super-Size Patty level
SAFARISafari Patrick in Rocket Rodeo
BONESSee a thinner Patrick on the Hypnotic Highway.
HYPCARSpongebob's Hypnotic car
PIRATEUnknown (code from THQ ad with 'Best Day Ever' CD)
scootlesunlocks all characters in final level
GUDGEONUnlocks all levels in free play mode
SPACEUse a new ship in the Rocket Rodeo level
HOTRODUse a new vehicle in the Diesel Dreaming level

Contributed By: ChickenBot, chriffan, shadowcore76, PlaCary, prudoff, nehpets1, and eviljen77.


New Racers in Hypnotic Highway level

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Collect 27 Patrick Sleepy Seeds (the pink ones)Play as Patrick
Collect 27 Plankton Sleepy Seeds (the green ones)Play as Plankton

Contributed By: prudoff.