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Fatal Fury: Battle Archives Volume 2


Play As Alfred In Real Bout 2 (US Version)

Choose Real Bout 2 from Main Menu and Enter:

Hold L1 Over One of All Characters And Press X Or CircleAlfred.

Contributed By: karaohu.

Play As Gesses & 4 EX Characters In Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (US Version)

To Play As These Secret Characters first you must let Demonstation run until Ranking screen apear! And Then Do the following Codes:

Hold L1 and Press X Or Circle Over AndyEX Andy.
Hold L1 and Press X Or Circle Over Billy KaneEX Billy Kane.
Hold L1 and Press X Or Circle Over Blue MarryEx Blue Marry.
Hold L1 and Press X Or Circle Over Tung Fu RueEX Tung Fu Rue.
Right , Right-Up , Up-left , left-Down ,Down-Right , Press And Hold Down-Right Again, Now Quickly Press X ,TRIANGLE , []Unlcoked Gesse ,4 EX Charachers.

Contributed By: karaohu.


In order to select Alfred do the following steps:
1- Defeat Alfred in the arcade mode of RB2.
2- Save your game.
3- Restart another game and press R2 button in Terry's face and Alfred should be playable

Press R2 button in Terry's faceCan select Alfred as your fighter

Contributed By: elconejotres.