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Stuntman Ignition


Cheat Passwords

At the main menu, go to extras and then go to cheats, then press sqaure and then enter the following codes:

randarluvAll cars
noblemanAll constructor items
Steelejustinunlock all arenas
COOLPROPUnlock Secret Special props in constructor mode
KungfoopeteUnlocks all cheats
SlingpooUnlocks Freaky Fast cheat
GFXMODESUnlocks Graphic Modes with L3 button Dream, RC Car, Puke Cam, All Combined, and Normal
IceAgeUnlocks Ice Wheels cheat
TheDukeUnlocks Nitro Addiction cheat
HollywoodUnlocks Slow-Mo Cool, Thrill Cam cheats
ImtarexUnlocks Touchable cheat
WearefrozenUnlocks Vision Switcher cheat

Contributed By: shadowcore76, jdcrbbl, wolfplague, misteross236, and Brokaliv.


All cheats.

To unlock all the cheats in the game, simply become the #1 ranked Stuntman aka the Legend ranking. Once you do so, go to your options then extra menu and you will have all the cheats unlocked.
*note* Getting #1 does not require 5 stars on every different mission, so don't be too afraid of this some what daunting task.

Contributed By: jUs_X_bLaZe.